Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a gusty gale

hum.. A Gusty Gale...should be a kids book.

well its windy. winds clocked at 97 mph along the front range. my large wooden gate was torn off its hinges this morning.
[this is a pic. from the news web site. tumble weeds taking over the front of a house in Erie this morning.]

power was out at work for over an hr. and snapped power cables in the road by work.

also one of my tiers is low again. not the one from a couple days ago, but the one from a couple months ago. gonna take it in after work tonight and have them looked at.

heading to Flogging Molly tonight. i have never seen them in concert. its supposed to be GREAT. i haven't been to a concert in forever... that reminds me- find ear plugs.

Friday after xmas Mr. T and I went to look at TVs and vacuums. my old vacuum kicked it xmas eve, and we have been talking about upgrading our TV, as i no longer enjoy going to the movies. we are investing in larger picture, much better sound and picture.

friday night we had people over for Drink the Beer! the giant bottle didnt actually go as far as we thought it would, but others brought snacks and more beer. funn was had, and a few people ended up totally waisted. i am also hoping that some of the "fun" helps fertalize the front yard, rather than killing it further.

Saturday, we found an open caption version of Slumdog Millionare playing. i hate to bitch [ok, no i dont] but, seriously, if your going to bother showing somethign with captions, MAYBE they should not be hardly visible transparent white. grr.

Sunday we made an "early" [10am] run to the Natural History Museum. the dinosour exhibbet is leaving jan. 4th. We saw half of it several weeks ago, before the crowd was overwhelming- and went back to see the end. there is also a great photography show of Ice. we looked for gnomes, but didnt find any before museum fatigue set in.

monday was drive in car/hot springs/ eat food day. we were totally whiped out- and we pretty much only did those 3 things, all day. apparently some relitives were planning to go snowshoeing today. i hape they have vietoed that idea for something less...windy.
the boys had a rambungtchious game of Kobalds Ate My Baby, whle M and I watched finding neverland and passed out on the couch.

Friday, December 26, 2008

xmas 08

first of all, Happy Christmas everyone...

we had a great whirl wind [kitty is helping me type and im too lazy to correct]
xmas. it didnt really feel like xmas this yr. maybe because my parents went here, and thing we re a little bit different.
xmas eve- tried to clean the house [it needed it], and the vacuum killed th epower, and officially died. we had C over for dinner of steaks, mash potatos, sesame green beans, figs stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in purchuttio, and apples baked in sparkling cuder, stuffed with walnuts, dried cherries and mince meat, served with ice cream.
many friends join ed us later in the evening after attending family dinners and partys. beer was drunk, cross bows and catapults was played, and a number of out of town people were greated back for the holidays.

i have a tree, of course, tim and i did a small few presents this yr. on xmas am. tim got a panda key chain flashlight, a chain scarf. and i got a neck warmer, grocery bag, camera case [now i just need the camera for it.] and roller skates.
we re opened a box from last xmas that had stocking stuff in it. our apt. was so small i didnt know what to do with any thing, so i just boxed it up, thinknig we would look at it when we moved.

we made an airport run to pick up M & M, delived them safely to tims mom, and ran home to get food together. fortunatly tims brother AP had generiously offered to hoast xmas- so we were all bringing dishes to contribute to the GIGANTIC meal that was served. i cant wait to eat stuffing and mas potatos for breakfast this morning.
we got a family wii. mom and dad will keep it at their house and loan it out for the occasional party, and we will go over there to play it and hang out. very fun.

today we have people comming over to help drink this gigantic beer.

this post was going to be about things not to put in the micro wave. maybe later...

Monday, December 22, 2008

lil old asian lady


black boots, pants, hat, gloves
lepard print scarf- tan
long poofy coat- tan.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

first dance

oh how i wish we had done this...
actually i wish we had planned more music and dancing to go with the drinking.



daily walk

little chines woman sighting.

today: black boots, pants, hat, scarf. and a knee length hot pink puffer coat.

Monday, December 15, 2008

baby its M*F**KEN COLD...outside

yeah.. WOO we broke the record low temp. -18 this morning.


[ssh.. don't tell my mom... i haven't told her yet, and she freaks out when i play dangerous sports.]

i have NO idea how i got on the team. since i cant skate for shit. guess i'm learning now!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Happy Birthday Will!

have you seen those bill boards?

good will turns 90 this year. [or at least in Denver. the link to the time line was broken.]

Friday, December 12, 2008


my company still does a CHRISTMAS party...

is Hanukkah late this year? usually you hear about the start of it.

is robin having a Festivius for the Rest of Us party again this yr?

will we get our xmas lights up before xmas this yr?

what happened to Kwanza?

Thursday, December 11, 2008


recently, i have been seeing new Coke billboards in my neighborhood. i think they are great, and i hope some one other than me is paying attention. I cant tell if they are new, and look like they are from the 80s, or if they are actually from the 80s and being re-run.
i have only seen them in Spanish. [this is common in my neighborhood.]
but they have parents and children doing things together...and, of course, enjoying a coke. these family's are all well dressed. one has father and sons working on a car.. the other has a mother and daughter doing..something, i don't remember what.

on an unrelated note... or maybe not so much really...

we were discussing Festivius at work the other day. i have celebrated and know some of the traditions of Festivius... but i TOTALLY didnt realize that it was started by Seinfield. for shame.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


I'm 25 today.

that means.... i can rent a car.... if i could afford it...

its the 67th anniversary of Pearl harbor.

i'm half as old as my mom.

i'm getting an orange kitten!

the broncos are playing the chiefs

last night was the warmest parade of lights EVER. which means so many people turned out, that i didn't even see the parade.

45 days until Obama is in the white house.

the dow is at 8635.42- yesterday.. or the day before, we were declared in a recession... though we've known it since last yr at this time.
unemployment is at its lowest since the mid 1970s.

its supposed to be 63 today..and snow tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

first real snow

we had snow, starting friday night. it was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season. big white fluffy flakes. [its all gone now, of course.]

i would like to recommend the hot chocolate at Pasquini's [32nd & Zuni]. but make sure you order it from the nice guy with the dreads. were talking late cup of very good hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, choc. syrup and carmel. if you are, or are with a cute girl, let her order first. you are more likely to actually get this version of the coco.

I turn 25 on Sunday. its wednesday and i havent sent out birthday plans to anyone. still not really sure what i want to do. prolly i should just pick a restaront and call it good.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So, i got Kabuki last night.

She is happy and purring and eating and exploring. she has not been introduced to the other cats yet, but is desperate to explore the rest of the house.

little orange kitten didn't come home with us. we got to the shelter and he had an upper respiratory infection, so we left him there to be treated. hopefully we will be able to bring him home in 10 days or so.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


YEA! i'm getting Kitties for my bday!

...yes.. you heard right... plural kitties...

we have now crossed, very quickly over the boundary from "people with a cat or 2" to "crazy cat people."

see... we have looked at a lot of kittens in the past week, [and ill tell you i was not impressed with Dumb Friends League] and I found a place called the Rocky Mt. Alley Cat Alliance. these people work to spay/neuter stray cats. some are release back and some are kept, rehabilitated and adopted out to loving family's.
you can go by the main office- which unfortunately, most of the kittens were in quarantine for 2 weeks, to get re-tested for feline leukemia. I really did not want to fall in love, and wait for a kitten, only to lean that it was sick. how ever, they also had other cats at a local pet boutique.
there we found 2 yr old all black girl. and a 10 week old orange kitten. - there were also at least 2 other cats that we loved.. but Jesus, we just cant take 4.
so we are waiting for our adoption papers to go through, and hopefully we will have 2 new kitties to add the the bunch.

Friday, November 21, 2008

color coordinating

many days on my way to work i see this little old Asian woman walking up The Hill. and every day shoe has a different, completely color coordinated head to toe outfit.
i have been meaning to keep track of what she wears for a while now. i post now, what she was wearing today, and we'll see if i ever post about it again.

today: tan sherling hat, tan purse, tan pants, brown fur jacket- and i didn't see her shoes.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

get me the fuck out of here, or give me somethign to do.

man, nothing riles me up like being left out.

its not that i expect to know everything- but i feel that myself and others should get some credit where its due.

also, don't tell me that your swamped with work- but don't want any help, only to complain later that your swamped and that no one is offering to help, when clearly they aren't doing anything.

and don't act like I'm "growing" and that my presence is "valued" when you don't intend to show me that in anyway. don't make false promises to me. don't tell me I'm "moving up" and then take away all responsibility.

i am on my knees, begging for projects, involvement, learning and responsibility. i get a smile and a pat on the back in return.

i wonder if i'll make it through the holidays before they let me go. nothing builds resentment and dis trust like ignoring someone.
if they're doing something wrong, sit them down, and set it strait. if they're doing a good job, then reward them.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Your result for The Camelot Test...


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Congratulations! This was the most challenging result to get. You are one of a kind.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"advanced people skills a must"

when looking at job requirements, what does the phrase: "Advanced people skills a must" mean?

based on experience, i would say it means dealing with bitchy, difficult people. maybe my experience is just full of bitchy difficult people. i dont know.


I was watching Globe Trekker on PBS the other night. This is one of my all time favorite travel shows. usually the young people have a rout they are going to take- off the beaten path- with some sleeping arrangements made ahead of time. they carrie their own bag, have a set amount of money [i presume] and maybe a bicycle, or use the public transport.
last week they went to Peru, to some festival or another at the top of the Andies. [this is where i'm too lazy to check google, and hope to god that what poped into my head is the correct mt. range, on the correct content.] Like most festivals there was dancing and music, etc. what was really intresting though, was the masks worn instead of paint. they look very simalar to the freaky clown mask i posted a few entries down. in that setting, not trying to be clowns, and in all seriousness, the maskes were very intresting.
this new insite, does not, infact, make the knitted clown mask below any less terrifying.

Friday, November 07, 2008


there are days when i am terribly disappointed in the world.

this morning is one of them.

no one has made a Ric-Rac font. so very sad.

on the plus side, i did find a font called "faeries wear boots"

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


this may be the scariest thing i have EVER seen.


Monday, November 03, 2008

holly shit, its November already

is it wrong to think, in this day and age, that "Meriwether" is a good name for a child?

i was behind a truck today, whose badges stated that it was the "big horn edition."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i....have to share this with you...

Sleek Cat Hideaway

446I love functional design. And I love it when people love their pets so much that they decorate with them in mind.

The cats I've owned have always appreciated a snug hide-away. They've made holes so that they could sleep in the bottom of my box spring, climbed into a washing machine full of dirty clothes, and made a nest on my computer keyboard.

This under-chair cat hide-away is the perfect example of beautiful, functional, cat-inspired design. It was made by Gabriel Sierra of San Juan. You can see more of his work at Designboom.

Monday, October 27, 2008


We went to the Obama Rally Sunday morning. they said 25,000 were expected. later reports were saying more like 100,000 people attended.
we couldn't see anything. when Obama came on, some people had shifted- Tim said he could see him occasionally... the same way you can see a friend across a football stadium- tiny stick figure blob mostly. He came on an hour late. i couldn't really hear him. i heard "change" and a couple other words occasionally. but that's it.

Still, we were there.

afterwords we bee lined to Pints Pub for some warming up and beer. we beat the rush, and both ordered things that needed nothing more than warming up.

admittedly it was not a terribly productive day. thought i got to see High School Musical III. it was ...not worth the $8- but i would have watched it on TV.

Tim was saved by having people over to watch a movie about Wear Sheep. yea. he was happy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

growing up

i'm going to blame society. because we all know that its important to put the blame on something- anything as long as its not yourself and society is nice and big a vague.

you send the first 20 some odd years with a direct path to follow. you will go to school. you will pick a college, and a major [theoretically], the goal from there is to get a job in your chosen field.

check, check and check. Ok. Great, now what?

fall in love, get married, find a home, get a pet, have some kids.

check, check, check, check and.... wait, were not ready for kids yet.

ok. so now i'm 25 [almost] i have a job- but i'm board..and now what. now there is a mind boggling amount of unplanned vastness in my future and i don't have the damdest idea what i want.
i'm tired of my job. its a terrible time to change jobs- overall economy wise. i'm worried and afraid of everything from foreclosure to the lawn never being weed free. i feel like i don't have nearly enough time in the day to do remotely everything i want to do and feel that work takes up way too much time, when i could being doing something enjoyable.


talking about things helps- but also getting things written down makes a big difference too. things are a lot less scary when they stop swimming around in your head.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

soap box derby!? i F***ing LOVE soap box derbys!!11! PoniEs!

could be fun


Friday, October 10, 2008

there is a discount bible shop that drive by on Federal. it now has an inflatable bible as part of it signage


i found my self wondering, this morning, "does Chucky Cheese serve alcohol?"

apparently they do. beer, wine- sadly no mixed drinks.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


so i says, "fine, show me sexy tiger paw."

he was actually very knowledgeable about the difference of sexy and not sexy tiger paw.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Americas got talent.
horrible show. we've cought bits and pieces of it this season. mostly horrible acts trying to make it big. but there is some actual talent mingled in there.

to night was the finally. 1 million dollars and a stint in Veges. as we all know by now and one in the top 5 will get a carrier out of it. or at least an initial contract.

i watched. i cried. cried through the whole thing. as cheese as it is, these people are living their dream. a chance in a million life times.

prolly in a month or 2 they will be less humble. prolly some diva will set in. but for those few moments cought on tape they are in total aw of what is happening to their life.

the top 2 guys are both great. both seem like the nice guys who are just trying to "make it." people you would want to be friends with.

congratulations to everyone out there who have ever made their dream come true.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

who knew

in case you ever wondered where mascot costumes come from.

[they all appear to come from here, actually.]

weekend update sep. 27, 2008

i Feel like i should update on our weekend adventures more often. prolly i don't because, really, what makes our weekend any more interesting or special than anyone else? Though, really if you are one of the 3 or so people reading this, you already know what happened on my weekend, or its something to gloss over, in general upkeep of events.

i was sick last week, so Friday was not so eventfull. we made [by we, i mean Tim, since i was sick] ma po tofu and spicy sausage stir fry, with saki. We watched Short Circut. I some how had totally missed this movie growing up. when Wall-E came out this summer i was like "johnny 5? wa?"
I 'm sure this is a good movie if you have fond memories from childhood about it. otherwise its mediocre at best. Ali Sheddy's acting got worse the older she got. i can not stand her in this movie, it pretty much ruins the whole thing for me. We also started Battlestar Galastica. little did we know that the first disk was the 3 hr mini series all rolled together. We finished it saturday. not bad really.

Saturday, we went to IHOP. why did we go to IHOP? good question. I saw an ad on TV showing delishious looking creps, and advertising that IHOP is celebrating its 50th anniversery. I've been to IHOP like twice. ever. So we went. the creps were ok. nothing else was too exciting. but we went. now we never need to go again. :)
Shortly after i was wisked away to an all day bridal shower. I asssume Tim enjoyed having some time to himself at home. Meanwhile i ate egg baked things, vegitable chips and cupcakes. it went well, mainly no one thought it a good idea to play any games. I finally pointed out that i needed to be home by 4:30, since the party started at 11am, it seemed like a resonable request.
Dinner with Tim's folks, then hanging out with Katie- watching the rest of BG.

Sunday, grocery shopping, buying roasted green chilies [one of my favorite adventures of fall], also picked up a Hubbard squash, on the recommendation that they are fabulous for pumpkin pie. we'll see. we [I] had the bright idea that if we were going to make runzas [tim knows them by the vulgar German name] that we should make our own dough. apparently this dough was to "rise." i went to soccer and came back, the dough had not moved. we went to collect treasures form new mexico from my parents, and apples from Tim's, still no rise. we called it good, and made them anyway. they taste just like they should. i also made German plum cake. it is good, but used only 1/4 of my plums. i will make more. i think i will try them in muffin tins.

somewhere in there Tim got more of the patio done. it doesn't look great, but considering that neither one of us has ever put in a patio, on un even ground with stones of different thicknesses, I think it looks pretty good. we are also trying to get the rest of the rototill done. i want to drop a bunch on $$ getting the yard in shape, but we need to pace our selves. its expensive.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

iam delishious sushi

Your result for The "What Sushi Are You?" Test...

Anago Urimaki

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Anago Urimaki (Sea Eel Inside-Out Roll) - Sweet soy-grilled sea eel paired with matsutake mushrooms wrapped in sushi rice and steamed baby asparagus, and drizzled with a little black soy molasses. We are talking top flight fusion sushi as cutting edge as as anything on Iron Chef or 4 star Michelin guide restaurants. Not that someone as hip as you would have it any other way. But this is just a brief stop on the world cuisine adventure for you, and you're apt as not to pair it with some other carefully chosen and oh so elegant nibbles for your next flavor rush.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

theres a monkey talking

Bush just publicly announced that the economy is in a bad place. ja. you think?

this past Spring he was like "oh no, the economy is fine, no worries..."

and the winner is...

i would like to nominate Mars 2112 for best use of rope lights out side a college dorm.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

scooter bragade

i would like to join a scooter club.

it seems like it would be nice to know other scooterest in some way other than through the internet.
Sadly, Denver is just not a scootering "hot spot."

i would like to get to know vintage riders and stella riders. i am not interested in Honda 50cc, buddy's, peoples etc.

i don't have a cool name. i don't have a cool logo [those, as always, are top priority.] But it would be nice to get together with other people that ride once a month or so.

yes the local scooter shops have events sometimes. I am always out of town, don't know until too late, don't know anyone, forget etc. But i would like a riding buddy or few every so often. and a special club sticker that doesn't make me a total poser.

i'm not a hard core hobbyist with money to burn. i would just like to know some other people in town.

i met a guy in the Target parking lot a few weeks ago. said he lives in Edgewater, has the same scoot as me. said he also rarely sees anyone on a modern vespa in that area. He is not on Modern Vespa. his name was Rob. [i think] i will prolly never see him again. too bad.

Monday, September 22, 2008

megs wedding

here are the pictures i have from the wedding.

we survived the big apple

i'm too tired to cover everything. but here's a general run down:
long flight, mars restaurant, complete with pelvic thrusting alien near our table. the 3 yr. old loved it, the 6 yr old was too old for it.
GIANT toys R us with a DDR machine tucked back between board games and very small children. we played. the legos are great and there's a giant T-rex.
went to Governor's Island. its nice because hardly anyone is there. my sister inlaw was part of the free mini-golf project. had a gerat time. it is NOT toueresty. long subway ride.
fun hours d'overs dinner at a swanky place. the kids were all wel behaved, though the owner had a poll up his butt and didnt seem to think so.
had a Shake Shake Concreet at Madison Squair Park.
up at 7, Brookly Botanic Gardens by 9. wedding at 11. cocktail hr. lunch, dissert, cake, frost your own cookies, wite chocoalte fountain, drinks, toasts.
OK everybody to the Subway Station!
Coney island. Nathan's Hot dogs.
Wonder wheel. board walk, the beach. frisbee with carnies.
LOoONG tube ride back to Midtown. check out H & M
Brunch at 11.
walked back from 104th st. to 35th st. enjoyed the park. Macys., lunch.
In the car. to the airport. traffic, delayed flights.
FINALLY back in Denver.
omg. sleep...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

not a rant

So we are finally headed to NYC for the big wedding extravaganza!

i am excited. 1. i love weddings. 2. i love visiting New York. I don't think i would want to live there, but i enjoy the visit. there will be lots of people, and lots of running around doing crazy things.

i feel like there is more to say here, but really there's not.

updates when we return!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

a rant. an office rant.

we've done 15 versions of a print. why? well because China cant seem to print what we originally sent them. so now we are "adjusting it" to something they can.
the problem is that the original print was nitpicked to death to get where it was. so now we are changing it, for printing reasons,and trying to get something we like just as much.

as of this morning I have print on my desk that looks great. will be a beautiful shirt. my boss comes by and says, "have you gotten anywhere with that print?" - well no. because i have what we ended with at 5pm yesterday, and i think it looks great. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU DON'T LIKE ABOUT IT.
laughs. "well it just needs some tweaking. just play with it."
"oh, you know. just some cleaning up."


Tuesday, September 09, 2008


nothing says quality family outing like watching a puppet poll dance.

Friday, September 05, 2008

recent additions

periodically "classic western" things appear around the building.

the leather couches showed up from the *mart... but they are outside the CEOs office, so i feel bad spending any time there- though sometimes i see him sleeping there late in the afternoon.

flat screen tv [from the mart] across from the couches- always showing CNN. does not help discourage couch lounging.

big ass buffalo head half way down the stair well. one of our vendors says he almost missed the first step, 'cus he was looking at the head, ad trying to remember if it was there last time he was visiting. i have no idea where the head came from- the mart maybe.

hat rack- sporting worn out cowboy hats. this isnext to the couch thats across from the tv, to the right of the head.
again, i feel that spending time trying on all the hats, outside the CEO's office, is maybe not the best use of my time. [even thoguh i'm posting this from work- its friday and i'm the only one here from design.]

admittly, its odd that everything seems to congrate in the area outside the CEO's office. i gues it keeps people from enjoying it too much.

* the mart is the denver merchandise mart. we have a large show room there.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

fuck you up foo!

when i typed in "brass knuckles" i really didnt expect to find The Brass Knuckles Company

"Brass Knuckles and Chrome Knuckles have been used for hundereds of years as a self defense weapons. Now The Brass Knuckles Company has perfected this ancient weapon and made it available to everyone. We also offer a wide selection of Butterfly Knives. Butterfly Knives are available by clicking here."

who knew?

- also avalible on their site "million volt stun gun." at that point isnt it more of a kill gun?

g b

the good news is, i wont have to replace my rear tire for awhile- maybe i can save up for white walls.

the bad news is, our roofing project ad mattress project are both costing twice as much as originally thought.

the good news is, we can fit the car and everything else in the garage, and can put off getting a shed for awhile.

the bad news is... well.. that's about it really...

Friday, August 29, 2008


David Duchovny has entered a rehabilitation facility for sex addiction.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

riden in da hood

you can get spinners for your vespa.

i'm not sure what would freak motorist out more, spinners or floaters.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

da font

i found a font today called "Zombie Holocaust"

i am sad to report that it was not a very good font.

Monday, August 25, 2008

o the things we see in the wilderness.

I saw a wolf!

and drank good beer.

but not so much beer that it caused me to see a wolf. that was a separate day.

Friday, August 22, 2008


there is a Katydid in the bathroom fan at work.
wonder how it got inside.

fun to see. i always loved finding katydids. wish i had a camera.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

mmm... smokey

i forgot to mention:

when did Wallgreens start selling pipes and pipe tobacco? i really have to wonder at the quality of Wallgreens brand pipe tobacco.

for some reason the cigars didn't strike me as nearly as odd.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


so i was in Walgreens the other day, waitn' in line.

at this point in my story i would like to point out that it is still mid August.

on the counter there were Pooh and Tigger "marshmallow pops." Tigger was dressed for Halloween, and half of the Poohs were too.... but the other half of the Poohs were dressed for Christmas. i can assume that the life expectancy of these doesn't even compare to a Twinkie, but its still a little too long for comfort.

Friday, August 15, 2008

to day i saw:

an 88 camery tricked out with flames.

a car with about 15 to 20 10" antennas on the roof.

the city engulfed by fog.

a mediocre stoner film. no i don't want to argue that with anyone. many people will like it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

in other news

OMG it is SO fall... i saw the first chilies of the year being roasted! i LOVE roasted chilies!

in other news:

Jack Weil had died. he was 107. google him. he invented the snap.

in other news:

its going to SNOW tomorrow! Ok maybe not in town, but mountains definitely! LETS GO!

Monday, August 11, 2008

1 year

1 year ago today, we were married. at sunset, on a mountain top, surrounded by a number of friends.
we have technically called the 13th our anniversary, figuring that we could remember that date better in the long run. [considering, i still think we got married at the end of July, its prolly a good thing.]
it has been a good year. we hope for many many more as wonderful as this first one.

boquets of sharpened pencils

oh my gosh it is fall!
i could feel it in the air this morning.

many children are going back to school this morning or tomorrow. the store are stock full of school supplies. god i love school supplies. i so miss the first day or 2 of school.

I'm sure we will have hot days for the next couple months, and prolly some hot nights as well. but the mornings are getting colder. thats how you can tell.

Friday, August 08, 2008

last night it didnt rain.

man. nothing like heckling a 10 yr old on a ride.

also, its better when other people buy cotton candy, then you eat considerably less of it yourself.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


why why why does New Yankee Candle have its Halloween stuff up? i love Halloween and all, but i think they may have beat out Walmart.

in further news it appears that i will ahve access to a rototiller this weekend. things could get very exciting.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

nashville star

i was watching Nashville Star last night. no, I'm not really into reality TV. and yes, i know that there is a lot of weird stuff going on in the background of those shows.
but, shows like Nashville Star, the contestants work hard and give up a lot to be there. in the end you get to watch someones dreams come true. and really the top 10 tour, and the top 5 usually get record deals. at this point i think people know that, so being 2nd place isn't actually that bad.

but that thing about dreams coming true, just hits me in the heart every time.

in the last couple years a number of my dreams have come true. i love being married, and I'm ecstatic to have a house. not to mention the trampoline, scooter and cats. i realize that i have just listed material things, so don't think the super duper amount of support we have had from our parents doesn't count, but these are things that growing up i said: i want this when i grow up.

but now what are my dreams? I'm trying hard to figure that out. i got through school, got a job doing not horrible things, i am paid ok and have benefits. but I'm not really happy there. but the problem with taking the necessary steps to move up or out or some direction, are hard to figure out when you don't know what you want.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


so for once Oz isn't that cause of all trouble and commotion.
Falkor has taken to following him around the house, getting within a few feet of Oz and freaking that fuck out. hissing snarling and batting.

poor Oz has been moping around the house, trying to be at your side and be petted. he is tired of being inside, and not happy about the plastic collar or the "wound drains" coming out of his cheek.

Monday, July 28, 2008


so were in the vet. and Ozzy is being a surprisingly good boy, while getting a thermometer shoved up his rectum. then he starts purring.


we have always suspected, but now we know.

i other exciting news, Ozzy now ha 2 drainage tubes coming out of his face. he is quarantined to the bathroom.

Monday, July 21, 2008

today i

to day i had:

a woman ring my doorbell so i could tell her about my scooter.

a black Lincoln with tinted windows pull up next to me at a light. the window went down, and a very large black man with a gold tooth said, "Baby you look fine up on that thing." all i could say was "thank you." he laughed and the window went up.

today i:

talked to my sister in law about her wedding dress and what shoes she should wear. she has some running ideas that are so totally wonderful and her.

today i went:

to the dr.
looks like i have a bad sinus infection/broncitus kinda thign. go go antibiotics!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

*clap clap*

holly shit.
Fraggle Rock the movie has been announced for 2009!! the ral question is, will it be as good as the tv series?
with out Jim Henson's magical touch, the later movies have been on a downhill slide.

the original Fraggle Rock was designed to bring about world peace. I'm pretty sure that only Jim Henson was capable of not only dreaming and designing a show to bring about world peace, but actually selling it to producers.

Monday, June 30, 2008

another year, another ren fest

it was that time of year again. ren fest time.
alex bought a bodice. adam tried to get some custom made dr. doom plate mail made. tim spent a bunch of time randomly holding things for me so i could :fiddle with my hair, pants, wings, try on corsets, eat, etc.
sara and i spent time with alex convincing her to get a bodice and giving input on the ones she was trying on.
i'm not sure who won the joust.
tim did not buy a leather top hat.

because Sara is moving to Tucson... next weekend, and tim and i will be adventuring in neb. we had a farewell bonfire at our house.

Friday, June 27, 2008

pipe cleaner dancer

have fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

flip flops survive their first week.

ok. here we are at week one. doing pretty good. getting broken in.

pretty things in our yard

we have pretty things in our yard.

i have a confession

i LOVE the Hannah Montana lip gloss....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

o if only we could visit

as a small child i loved sesame street and reading rainbow... hell what am i kidding. i still love them.

when i was little i wanted very much to be on sesame street. i knew it was fictional, but i thought it was something you could do if you were a kid in NYC. That if you were visiting you could go and be in a skit... like counting.. or something.

this morning i happened to catch Reading rainbow.... it was one of my favorite episodes.. about claymation and how macys day parade balloons get made. they showed a Snoopy balloon go from idea to finish in the parade. it was the 1987 parade... yeah. that episode is now old enough to drink. at the end the show always did kids talking about their favorite book. i always wanted to do that too, not knowing that these are prolly child actors.
now i wonder where those kids are now. i'v never seen a IMDB listing showing some one as a child book reader on the show.
apparently they were making new episodes until 2005. though the last few "seasons" seem to span 3 years or so. the last real season was 1998 and it only had 5 episodes.



Wednesday, June 11, 2008


For those of you who dont know, i have a meta/ plastic skin alergy. I also have a dislike for wearing shoes and resort to flip flops. i go through a pair of fabric sole flip flops from Target every few weeks or so- total distruction.***
this sumer after some trial and error i have found a pair of everyday, all the time. at least thats what i hope.

my goal here is to *remember* to take photos of them once a week. will these nice all leather, $100 flip flops last me through the summer or longer? i certainly hope so.

*** i have no idea why the above typed as a link. i cant make it stop.

hiking 8 june 2008

last weekend wolvie, tim, boog and i went hiking at Maverick Hill/Sawmill Loop, in White Ranch Open Space.

boog has photos posted of this trip and the previous week on facebook.

Monday, June 09, 2008


I went with my brother-in-law to get his tattoo this weekend. this was fun as i have never been to a tattoo parlor. he was getting a tattoo that he had designed and i have helped him finalize the art on. the design has significant meaning to him and was a birthday present.
i was impressed by the shop. it was large, nice, clean, everyone was friendly and no one was pushy.
I have wanted to tattoo since i was about 8. they have gone in and out of style over the years, along with location popularity. i have a couple different things i would like to get. One is a technical illustration of a lotus- but I've always been afraid that it would end up blurring.
i want a stylized koi, made to look like painted ink on my hip.
i want a large colored peonies with sparrows on my back.

i think tim would look hot with sleeves. :)


i got an oil change and fluid change and general inspection on my scoot this weekend. the price has about doubled in the last 2 years since i purchased it. Tim has pointed out that this is really not a bad maintenance fee to pay. though I'm pissed that it costs me almost $10 to fill up now. when i bought it i was buying a full tank of premium with pocket change- literally.
i have said this before and i will say it again. i continue to want to be more involved with Denver scooter culture. but not knowing anyone it it makes it terribly intimidating. every time i go to one of the local scoot shops i leave pissed off. service is slow and often crappy. at one point when i first got into it and was buying a jacket among other things, i was at a shop for 2 hrs, trying on everything in the store, trying to get the right fit, etc. no one talked to me. no one ever said hi. when i finally found an employee [they were hanging out gossiping] and asked for help, they couldn't tell me anything and offered no service. i complained at some point on a scooter forum, that i was a noob. and just trying to get info and help, and was super disappointed in the local shops. later some one posted that i was wrong to hate on the locals, and that in fact one of them was a woman owned shop and she would be horrified to hear that service was crappy. HERE ME NOW: if you have women saying "i am getting no and bias service because i am a woman- because it was completely different when i was in these shops with my father- then you need to take a look at how you are conducting business. don't alienate new buyers and riders and women."
if anyone knows of a local shop that handles vespas, that is not erico or sportique, please let me know.


The below link is to a series of lectures being hosted by Belmar Lab.

we missed the first one, but hope to make it to several this summer.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama 08

If you missed watching Obama speak last night, you can watch it here. my brother-in-law has it posted in his blog. http://liftthesun.blogspot.com/
this man has an amazing speaking voice.- this is coming from me. my hearing is crap. yet i am able to listen to him and understand what he is saying, while not actually watching him. for whatever reason that affects me a lot.
i cannot listen to this speech without crying. for the first time in my life I'm excited about politics. i cannot wait for the DNC, i cannot wait to see where this all goes.

Change is coming. its time to be excited.

Monday, June 02, 2008


i was asked twice today - on my ride home about my scooter.
admittedly i don't ride enough. i am trying to be better about that i just really don't like riding in high wind and or rain.
how much does it cost. whats the gas mileage. how much gas does it hold. how fast does it go. is that vespa. could my wife ride one?

i smile.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

the weekend

so friday Tim and i both leave work early, so we can head up to Loveland. 2 of my cousins [2nd] are graduating from high school and college. their dad is from a Lebanese family [based out of nebraska]- so they had things like lamp kebabs and home made baklava. etc. tim and i ended up at a table, that originally had my dad at it. he was filling me in on the recent tornado that swept kearney and minden [basically danced around a bunch of our relatives houses. when my parents left, we were left at a table with my 2nd cousin's family on their dads side, who was talking to us about my dad's sister's husbands family [who also lives in Minden.]
we exited. and made a run for Ft. Fun to visit Nate.
Nate is still living in a house with some guys. but its a nicer house and apparently he doesn't hate his roommates with a burning passion. there was a new guy moving in. apparently he was one of the responders to a craigs list roommate add that stated that their house was now Vampire free. he looked presently geeky.
since Ft. fun is blessed with a Pizza Street, we introduced Nate to the buffalo chicken ranch pizza and got the down low on what happened to the Pizza Street that previously shared the parking lot with our grocery store.[ apparently the guy running it was a loser who didn't advertise- even when giving promotional material. then one day called to say he would be away for a while. and they haven't heard from him since.]

saturday we preceded with our plan to go hiking every weekend, working our way up to more and more hardcore hikes. we are still on pretty easy- but maybe thats a good thing.

watched Juno while we were Katie sitting. the dialog was great.

Friday, May 30, 2008

bleh in the am

nothing like cleaning up fresh cat vomit in the am.

for once it wasn't falkor. it was ozzy. perfectly timed for Tim running out the door to catch a bus.

it was nice out yesterday, and the perfect weather for kite flying. Tim and I went down to REI [hoping to actually find shoes they show on their website- i don't not] then on to River Side Park for some running around and kite flying. we have a $6 kite from target. it has been a while since i last bought a cheap kite- this was FAR nice than i had ever had as a kid. it is made of rip stop material and not plastic- after our one kite flying session i honestly believe it will be good for several more. we wandered down the river, then back and around and down 16th st. we haven't done that in a while. it was great fun.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

movie reviews

we don't watch a lot of movies, but this weekend we rented several.

I watched Marie Antoinette.
it was fun. I throughly enjoyed the costuming and scenery. there was not a lot of dialog or explanation- as Sophia Coppola movies tend to go. I don't actually know the history behind it- though i should, so i was happy to take it as was, and not question things. though i would like to point out that- as i enjoy historical based movies, i generally do not know the actual history behind them. I like to take them as being more or less correct, but never take them for truth over factual reference.
this movie is a fun eye candy piece. stars - that one girl from spider man

Miss Potter

I very much enjoyed this movie. it falls very much in the category of "chick flick." i am surprised "life time" or "oxygen" isn't showing this on constant repeat.
Having grown up loving the tales of Beatrix Potter, i was an easy shoe in for this movie. it is basically the story of who she was and how she got her first books published. there is, of course, a love interest. stars- Renee Zellweger, Ewen McGregger

Tim and i watched:

Charlie Wilson's War

Movie takes place in the 1980s. We were far to young to remember anything political that was going on at that time. We enjoyed it. it wasn't quite all what i though it was going to be. Seemed like it showed a lot of the political stuff, but not a lot of what was actually achieved.
we enjoyed it. stars- Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Phillip Hoffman and Amy Adams.

The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford

it was good- like we had heard. it was not what we were expecting though. the movie reminded me very much of the Lincoln book i read recently. [about what happened in the days following the assassination- and what happened to john wilks booth.] this move is long. there were a number of places it could have ended and did not. interesting but a bit long winded.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial weekend

we started off Memorial weekend with Tim working friday night so they could get a rush job done.

we headed to Georgetown. 1. because i* have never been there and 2. because they were supposed to be having "Georgetown days." I would like to point out that going into this we knew that there was no actually schedule for the listed events. So we got up there, and it started snowing, was windy and cold. we ventured into so basic crappy tourist shops and found the library book sale. Tim is nice enough to actually buy some books from inside to go with the 20 or so we grabbed from the "free" boxes. i acquired a wonderful international dumpling cookbook.

Decided to lunch at Tommy knocker's in Idaho Springs. apparently they make a great Imperial Nut Brown Ale. we also scored seats next to the fireplace.

Sunday: Mowed the lawn. We now have a rather large lawn, and cannot seem to remove it fast enough. However we have purchased a non-corded electric mower. the battery is supposed to last about 40 min. its not as loud as a gas mower, has no fumes and no cord to run over. it takes me a good 40 min to mow our lawn and on the second use i have used maybe a 1/4 of the battery power. plus its nice and light weight.
Our friend and his GF are in town for a couple weeks, so they came over for lunch and to jump on the trampoline for a bit.
we headed to Boulder for a friends BBQ to celebrate his going on a "round the world" trip. apparently on a lark he decided to pack up and travel the world. you can buy a "round the world" trip ticket. he said he got the cheap one- about $5k. [which as far as i can see is a phenomenal price for seeing over 10 countries in 5 months. apparently you can move around the dates of your flights but not the locations.]
on our way to the BBQ we stopped at REI to buy a sleeping bag. or rather 2- that zip together. we hope to go camping several times this summer and think it would be a whole lot warmer if we were actually sleeping together. though the bags were stuffed together, apparently both had a tag that needed to be scanned. we only payed for one. and i got to use last years dividend.

MONDAY: got everything else out of the apartment. now i just need to clean and return the keys. Finally, Finally, Finally! we are done with that apartment.
i already miss the neighborhood. it was a great neighborhood. every house was full of unique details, wide sidewalks on tree lined streets. while we love our house, the neighborhood is not the same. most of the houses are similar to ours. the sidewalks are narrow and things are more run down. there are less people out in general. though there is a park not far away that gets a lot of use.
we had "BBQ" with our folks at tim's parents house and played Cranium.

* Tim apparently has been to Georgetown, but did not mention this untill much later. all he originally said was "you can take the train loop, its expensive." Being a native of Colorado i take this to mean that hes making a general statement about tourist attractions in Colorado- especially those that move. why does this annoy me? well, why didnt he say, "o yeha we went there once and rode the train, and its was cold and miserable." We would have still gone to "GT Days", but it like, crap. i thought we were doing something totally new.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


for those of you who hear my cat complaints.here is a change of pace.
tonight ozzy went out, and falkor was cute and sat on my lap or curled up next to me while i watched movies.

Friday, May 23, 2008

the weekend

its friday. "so whats wrong with that?" you say.
because as i was leaving work yesterday i thought it was friday and was ready to start the weekend, only to have to get up and come in today [which now feels like saturday, and i'm a bit resentful.]

I would like to say we are done moving and have handed back the keys to the apt. not so. still the straggling closets of coats and random crap... and the tumble weeds of cat hair to be cleaned up. We keep underestimating the amount left to do over there, so it keeps dragging out. I keep saying "this weekend, we'll finish it." ow ever it seems like a waste of a weekend, though our evening are not much better spent. I hate moving. i am so glad to not have to move again for at least several years. maybe tonight i will suck it up and got get a bunch of stuff, maybe do some cleaning.

its memorial weekend. we have no plans. Tim is working till 2 saturday morning trying to get a last min. job done. so i'm on my own for friday. saturday theres various evens going on around town. sunday we have a friends bbq that we may attend. but otherwise?? hiking maybe, if anyone wants to join us.
we have decided to try to go hiking every weekend. we are starting with short hikes that are fairly level and working our way up, hopefully by mid summer or so we will be ready to do some serious hiking.

i am thinking more and more that i would like to go see my grandma this summer. previous years i have gone out for 4th of July, as her small town always does a big celebration with lots of ill planned activities. theres the drive in movie theater and the rhinos buried in ashes. i have other great aunts and uncles near by. Tim makes fun of me, but i love visiting Nebraska, i think its a beautiful state. un like Kansas it is not all flat. in fact a lot of it is not flat. my grandma lives up in the sand hills. we turn off I-80 at north platte and wind our way up the back roads to her house.
we should prolly also visit some of Tims relatives in Kansas as well.

i wish i had more vacation time.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


its a cold and rainy day. there was lengthy discussion about weather would could call in sick and spend the remainder of the day in bed watching movies.
the office is quiet. many people are running late.

i just read an article on 9news about a man who was married to his long time girl friend in the ICU. he passed away the next day.

its transition time. we are trying to finish getting out of our apartment. we have friends coming into town and friends leaving town. were excited about weekend hiking and camping trips.

i feel like i have a lot to say, but i don't. not here.

happy rainy day to you.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

whooo whooooo!


May 10th is National Train Day!

Monday, April 28, 2008


yup.. well kinda... we have a bunch of stuff at the apt. still. mostly because we actually want to put things away as we go. scary, i know.

cats are doing ok. Ozzy came back after the first night.... didn't come back this morning though. hes gonna be a hungry kitty tonight.

Were building book shelves!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

o... things....

Were getting a house!

We haven't post much about this, for several reasons. [for 1. i'm up to my wazoo in work crap.]

it started with a thought. we have some friends who were talking about buying. I have been thinking that we did not have enough money saved up for a down payment and that it would be a year or more before we could afford to own our own home.
most little girls dream of a white wedding and so forth. me, i'v always wanted home ownership. i love house magazines and cannot wait to have a house of my own.

so we sat down, we talked about it. talked to the bank, opened a high yield savings account and started surfing the remax web site. we looked, we discussed, etc, etc... got ourselves a realitor [who i recommend to anyone else who's looking], saw some houses that were.. well, ask us, it involves crack, and some houses that were ok. and oddly enough the first one we looked at was the best of the bunch.

apparently 1. all of the metro area is a "declining market" which means you need an 85 down. 2. the roof is great, the garage is crap. 3. get your inspection done on a rainie day, then you know if there are leaks.

so anyway, we are rolling right long. we've got our sellers agreed to everything, bank approval and inspection is done. right now we are just waiting to close. [april 25.]

we really are VERY VERY VERY excited.

...and thats what weve been up to. more or less.

Monday, March 31, 2008


you reach a point in your relation ship where you know you dont have anything to worry about when he says "come see... i made a bubble over the drain opening..."


i feel that i need to post something. i just need to figure out what.

Monday, March 17, 2008

thanks for the ideas.

thanks for the Tee ideas.

we have decided that you could do a whole collect of minimum wage tees of that kind of inappropriate manner.
i will work one up, 'cus its funny.

on a further note, if anyone has any idea for cute or funny kids Tee ideas, let me know.

when you have to produce 10 to 30 ideas a season, its nice to have some outside help.

i haven't been posting a lot. mainly because i have a good idea, but don't have time to get any of it down, then too much time has passed and the subject is no longer relevant, and i have forgotten the points i was going to make.

also, i try not to post about my job. theres a number for reasons for this. mainly among the lines of, you never knows whos going to find your blog, and letting loose here, could bite me in the butt down the road when the frustration is no longer relevant. and also because, at this point, i have taken the stance that its just a job. its been made clear that i will not be paid what i'm worth, i will not move up and my responsibility's will not change- nor will any of my work be recognized.
so i'm going to keep on trucking, looking for other opportunities and learning what i can, where i can.
i have too many other happy things in my life to be endlessly hung up over the vast bullshit of my day.

in other happy news,

we have been per-approved for a loan, and are looking for a house. were sick of moving and living in crappy apartments. tims going to be heading to TCM school, and that will take several years- and were ready to own our own home [hopefully nothing as crappy as the apartments we've been living in.]

Thursday, March 13, 2008

save me now.

does any one have *any* ideas for funny Tees?? *ANY*


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"asian" egg rolls

the 7-11 by my house is advertising [discounted] "Asian egg rolls with big gulp". and i have to wonder if they keep them warm on the hot dog roller?

there was a man on the bus today that look EXACTLY like Homer Simpson. only he was Mexican.

Monday, February 18, 2008

home sick

hi kids.
i'm home sick today.

just sick enough to get tired looking at the computer too long and not want to read. but not sick enough to not want to do anything.
so do i do something productive... like... put away clean cloths... not really, possibly later.

i'm out of dr. who to watch, and i think i already missed reading rainbow...


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

where to begin?

its 8:22 am... and I'm not exactly working.

my head is killing me- and because my dr. says they have stopped making the prescription sinus meds I've been taking, because of something in them does... something.... he wont prescribe me anything new.


other than that, I'm trying to get me head warped around work, and not cute valentines day card ideas.
see i have just a whole ass load of stuff to get done. but because I'm not included in any knowledge of brand direction- or for that matter what order we will be working on things in, i don't know where to start.

also just found out that my boss is out for the next 3 days and didn't leave us with half the stuff we need to get may womens off to PD.- so it can make the trip to china next week.

good stuff.

i have project i need to get done at home. but i spend so much of my day in mental focus, that it hard to be even interested in my own stuff when i get home.

so where do i start? mens outer wear, womens outer wear, mens hoodies, womens hoodies, womens Tees, mens Tees, or trendy mens Tees? i have 3 days. GO!

if any of you have any ideas for T-shirts AT ALL. please let me know. even risque humor can work.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

i've been told...

... that the best way to get a job, is to tell everyone you know that you are looking. [ well, except for everyone you work with. so if any one i work with is reading this, and is appalled that I'm looking, maybe we need to sit down and have a chat.]

I am looking for a job.

i need a job doing t-shirt graphics, textile design, assistant apparel design, wall paper, fabric- any of that in general. I don't have skillz in catalog, or web design.- though, with some training i could probably do more catalog type graphics.

i need this job to be full time, with benefits and be able to pay me at least what i am making right now.

i am willing to re-locate. i am trying to avoid LA, NY and Texas.

even if this new job is just as bad as my current one, it would at least be different, and i would probably learn some new stuff.

if anyone has any ideas or leads for me, please feel free to contact me here, or email me.

thanks, cus guys, I HAVE TO GET OUT OF THIS JOB.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I've been having a lot of stomach pains lately.
Dr. Timothious has determined my problem to be, frankly put, stomach gnomes. their pointy hats keep jabbing me in the side.
sure he had a fancy Latin medical term for this, but what it comes down to is, I've got gnomes.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

ideal BF?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

o, hi

Friday, January 18, 2008

i SO want a squid hat

Thursday, January 10, 2008

greetings from xmas and from our new years trip to NYC.

movie for you

Thursday, January 03, 2008

to the east and back.

if you are ever on a plain and they tell you to "turn off electronics, we're just going to de-ice and be on our way..." don't. leave them on, and call who ever you are meeting on the other end and tell them your flight will be an hour late- and thats only if you get immediately de-iced and don't have to wait in line.

milk shakes at 3 am, delivered to your door are delicious.

New York was good. I started this post a week ago and now cannot remember a single witty thing i was going to say.

Tim's sister and our brother-in law [ok, they're not actually married yet- but its easier this way,] live in Brooklyn in the Park Sloap neighborhood. you can see the statue of liberty from out front their apartment building.

really, this was a fantastic vacation. we slept late and stayed up late every day. the weather was cool and moist but only really cold, one day.

friday: we had bagels from Meg's favorite and every morning bagel place. braved the subway s up to central park. saw the castle, went to the MET. which was CRAZY. did not see or enjoy much or the Rembrandt/vermier show, but throughly enjoyed the tapestry exhibit and parts of the costume collection. enjoyed a pretzel from a street vender and met up with Mathews mom and sister at a place on the Wes Side called Arties Deli- where we had 3 inch thick pastrami sandwiches.

we were also wrangle into doing a 1,000 piece butterfly puzzle. all we will say here, is that it was finished and it will never be seen again.

Saturday: brunch at a great place that had the most innovative food combinations i have seen in a long time. we were joined by Mathews dad and step mom and sister Ann.

then we took a small tour of Brooklyn and went to Queens to help set up for a New Years Eve party that was Super Science themed. this was chaos, but we got to see a real honest to god old NY warehouse loft.

Sunday: slept in. completely missed church, even though we said we'd go. sorry about that.
Tim ran an RPG for Mathew and some of his buddies. Meg and I went out to see the sights of Brooklyn and NYC. had real live NYC pizza. which, speaking as a non new yorker, is just like all versions of NY style pizza i have ever had. anywhere.

Meg and i do a little boutique window shopping and then went to the Chocolate shop. it is a small restaurants that serves high quality chocolate, ice cream coffees, wines and liqueurs. VERY VERY YUMMY.
then we went into the city to see the lights. Columbus Circle had an indoor display of giant color changing stars, that were timed to music. Times Square was crazy. Rockefeller Center- we could barely see the skating rink. it was crazy. It was also raining. we saw the "green" windows at Bergdoorf's. which were cool and the kaleidoscope light display at Grand Central.

Monday: Had lunch at a yummy lunch at a Turkish place[?]. Then Tim and i braved the subways on our own- which, was an adventure in and of it's self.
we attempted to take the Satin Island ferry [free] so we could see the statue of liberty at sunset. but it was chock full of other people with the same idea. so we hung out in the park and enjoyed the sunset with far fewer people.
we walked up and took the Brooklyn Bridge uhh... Brooklyn, and had continuing adventures of getting home.
had great fun going to the party we helped set up. we got there early, had our free drinks, smoked from a huka and left before the cops came.
we enjoyed the view of the entire city from the roof top of M+M's apartment as well as all the fireworks.

Tuesday: we go in search of the 7th street fan plant in Williamsburg. it is no longer piles of ruble on the beach, but a park, with a nice view of the city line. we find a wonderful [and cheep] Turkish[?] place for lunch, then on to the UNISPHERE!!! YEA!!.
Unisphere is a leftover of tye 1964 World's Fair. as is the Queens art museum [which is on our list for the next time we are there], and ice skating rink, fountains and pavilion.
then a flight home. no delays, and limited screaming baby's.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


well, were back.

trip stories and photos later.