Monday, March 17, 2008

thanks for the ideas.

thanks for the Tee ideas.

we have decided that you could do a whole collect of minimum wage tees of that kind of inappropriate manner.
i will work one up, 'cus its funny.

on a further note, if anyone has any idea for cute or funny kids Tee ideas, let me know.

when you have to produce 10 to 30 ideas a season, its nice to have some outside help.

i haven't been posting a lot. mainly because i have a good idea, but don't have time to get any of it down, then too much time has passed and the subject is no longer relevant, and i have forgotten the points i was going to make.

also, i try not to post about my job. theres a number for reasons for this. mainly among the lines of, you never knows whos going to find your blog, and letting loose here, could bite me in the butt down the road when the frustration is no longer relevant. and also because, at this point, i have taken the stance that its just a job. its been made clear that i will not be paid what i'm worth, i will not move up and my responsibility's will not change- nor will any of my work be recognized.
so i'm going to keep on trucking, looking for other opportunities and learning what i can, where i can.
i have too many other happy things in my life to be endlessly hung up over the vast bullshit of my day.

in other happy news,

we have been per-approved for a loan, and are looking for a house. were sick of moving and living in crappy apartments. tims going to be heading to TCM school, and that will take several years- and were ready to own our own home [hopefully nothing as crappy as the apartments we've been living in.]

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