Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial weekend

we started off Memorial weekend with Tim working friday night so they could get a rush job done.

we headed to Georgetown. 1. because i* have never been there and 2. because they were supposed to be having "Georgetown days." I would like to point out that going into this we knew that there was no actually schedule for the listed events. So we got up there, and it started snowing, was windy and cold. we ventured into so basic crappy tourist shops and found the library book sale. Tim is nice enough to actually buy some books from inside to go with the 20 or so we grabbed from the "free" boxes. i acquired a wonderful international dumpling cookbook.

Decided to lunch at Tommy knocker's in Idaho Springs. apparently they make a great Imperial Nut Brown Ale. we also scored seats next to the fireplace.

Sunday: Mowed the lawn. We now have a rather large lawn, and cannot seem to remove it fast enough. However we have purchased a non-corded electric mower. the battery is supposed to last about 40 min. its not as loud as a gas mower, has no fumes and no cord to run over. it takes me a good 40 min to mow our lawn and on the second use i have used maybe a 1/4 of the battery power. plus its nice and light weight.
Our friend and his GF are in town for a couple weeks, so they came over for lunch and to jump on the trampoline for a bit.
we headed to Boulder for a friends BBQ to celebrate his going on a "round the world" trip. apparently on a lark he decided to pack up and travel the world. you can buy a "round the world" trip ticket. he said he got the cheap one- about $5k. [which as far as i can see is a phenomenal price for seeing over 10 countries in 5 months. apparently you can move around the dates of your flights but not the locations.]
on our way to the BBQ we stopped at REI to buy a sleeping bag. or rather 2- that zip together. we hope to go camping several times this summer and think it would be a whole lot warmer if we were actually sleeping together. though the bags were stuffed together, apparently both had a tag that needed to be scanned. we only payed for one. and i got to use last years dividend.

MONDAY: got everything else out of the apartment. now i just need to clean and return the keys. Finally, Finally, Finally! we are done with that apartment.
i already miss the neighborhood. it was a great neighborhood. every house was full of unique details, wide sidewalks on tree lined streets. while we love our house, the neighborhood is not the same. most of the houses are similar to ours. the sidewalks are narrow and things are more run down. there are less people out in general. though there is a park not far away that gets a lot of use.
we had "BBQ" with our folks at tim's parents house and played Cranium.

* Tim apparently has been to Georgetown, but did not mention this untill much later. all he originally said was "you can take the train loop, its expensive." Being a native of Colorado i take this to mean that hes making a general statement about tourist attractions in Colorado- especially those that move. why does this annoy me? well, why didnt he say, "o yeha we went there once and rode the train, and its was cold and miserable." We would have still gone to "GT Days", but it like, crap. i thought we were doing something totally new.

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