Wednesday, September 23, 2009


we are headed to Pittsburgh this weekend for a friends wedding. maybe we'll see some Amish. Woooo!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

oh kittens!

some new pic.s of the kittens.

First, I'm going to say good by to Ozzy. he has now been gone a month and i don't believe he is coming back. he was a mean little fucker. but when he chose, he could be the most loving purring kitty out there. I still look out the bedroom window every morning, expecting to see him sitting on the recycle bin, waiting for breakfast.

Below: picture in the first day or 2 Tim had him. he was 1.5 lbs.
fully size, but not full fluf. taken during the summer when he slimmed down. that red heat tag was punishment for loosing so many collars. nothing says "neighborhood bad ass" like a giant red heart.
Falkor was scared of the electrician today. and got wedged between the washer and furnace. i didn't realize until he had been there quite a while that he was actually stuck. and PISSED.

Professor Phennius Cheeto Esq. is now 1. theoretically this means he is no longer a kitten. somehow i think he will always be a kitten. Still skitterish, but slowly getting better.
annnnnd... kabuki just barfed up her dinner.

Friday, September 11, 2009



i say a few golden leaves fluttering around on the street in the brisk morning breeze.

I LOVE FALL. wish i could take off from mid sep. through thanksgiving. i hate being in a windowless office all day, much less inside. lets go outside. lets go run around.

eveyone in my office is wining that we never had a summer and it never got hot. really? cus you can come over sometime. i'm sorry that your day went: AC apartment, AC car, AC office, AC car, AC apartment, AC restaurant, AC apartment. sheesh. no wonder you never noticed it was swealtering in july and aug.

song of the day: return to pooh corner- nitty gritty dirt band.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

the drive home

i find that i am happier upon returning from work when i ride my scooter, rather than take the car. this is in no way related to how my day at work was. though scooting usually makes a crappy day better in the end.


some days you cant win. and some days those days get to you more than others. i hate when those days get to me. my head says "wtf does it matter? its fine. no worries." but my heart is sure we are do for some angsty self pity of some kind.

i have also realized that i am sad i spend little time in coffee shops anymore. i love hanging out at the coffee shop after school/work and chatting or reading or planning. its like what we do at home, only in a public place. the theory here is that people i don't often see could choose to join us to chat. some people are easier to lose track of than others.

i miss riding around in the car with friends. radio, going somewhere. or no where. just hanging out. why do Tim and i have to plan EVERYTHING.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Received news recently that some friends are moving to Taiwan in mid Nov. they got an offer to teach English. so if anyone is looking for or knows some one looking for an apartment, they are looking for someone to sublet until the lease ends in March. They are near Denver West and i think rent is around $850 a month. 2 bed + garage.

I am officially claiming it to be Prof. Cheeto's Birthday. As of September he is about 1 yr. old. [and adorable as ever.] i will try to get a new photo of him. hopefully one that does not have him running away or looking terrified.

Tim and i started talking about Halloween this weekend. We are excited that it is on a Saturday, so there is time for a whole weekend of party's, costumes and other goodness. I realized recently that i have never been a cat or a witch for Halloween. i was once a PuppyKittyButerfly, but that is as close as i got. i don't remember all my costumes but here are the ones i do remember:
my little pony, ballerina, puppykitttybuterfly, Indian, lobster, surfer, dead gardener [everyone thought i was a crappy scarecrow.], a court jester, a vampire, annnd... some assorted combinations courtesy of goodwill. cant remember what else. i feel that my gold lamae leggings need to be worked into a costume at some point that weekend.