Tuesday, September 30, 2008

who knew

in case you ever wondered where mascot costumes come from.

[they all appear to come from here, actually.]

weekend update sep. 27, 2008

i Feel like i should update on our weekend adventures more often. prolly i don't because, really, what makes our weekend any more interesting or special than anyone else? Though, really if you are one of the 3 or so people reading this, you already know what happened on my weekend, or its something to gloss over, in general upkeep of events.

i was sick last week, so Friday was not so eventfull. we made [by we, i mean Tim, since i was sick] ma po tofu and spicy sausage stir fry, with saki. We watched Short Circut. I some how had totally missed this movie growing up. when Wall-E came out this summer i was like "johnny 5? wa?"
I 'm sure this is a good movie if you have fond memories from childhood about it. otherwise its mediocre at best. Ali Sheddy's acting got worse the older she got. i can not stand her in this movie, it pretty much ruins the whole thing for me. We also started Battlestar Galastica. little did we know that the first disk was the 3 hr mini series all rolled together. We finished it saturday. not bad really.

Saturday, we went to IHOP. why did we go to IHOP? good question. I saw an ad on TV showing delishious looking creps, and advertising that IHOP is celebrating its 50th anniversery. I've been to IHOP like twice. ever. So we went. the creps were ok. nothing else was too exciting. but we went. now we never need to go again. :)
Shortly after i was wisked away to an all day bridal shower. I asssume Tim enjoyed having some time to himself at home. Meanwhile i ate egg baked things, vegitable chips and cupcakes. it went well, mainly no one thought it a good idea to play any games. I finally pointed out that i needed to be home by 4:30, since the party started at 11am, it seemed like a resonable request.
Dinner with Tim's folks, then hanging out with Katie- watching the rest of BG.

Sunday, grocery shopping, buying roasted green chilies [one of my favorite adventures of fall], also picked up a Hubbard squash, on the recommendation that they are fabulous for pumpkin pie. we'll see. we [I] had the bright idea that if we were going to make runzas [tim knows them by the vulgar German name] that we should make our own dough. apparently this dough was to "rise." i went to soccer and came back, the dough had not moved. we went to collect treasures form new mexico from my parents, and apples from Tim's, still no rise. we called it good, and made them anyway. they taste just like they should. i also made German plum cake. it is good, but used only 1/4 of my plums. i will make more. i think i will try them in muffin tins.

somewhere in there Tim got more of the patio done. it doesn't look great, but considering that neither one of us has ever put in a patio, on un even ground with stones of different thicknesses, I think it looks pretty good. we are also trying to get the rest of the rototill done. i want to drop a bunch on $$ getting the yard in shape, but we need to pace our selves. its expensive.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

iam delishious sushi

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

theres a monkey talking

Bush just publicly announced that the economy is in a bad place. ja. you think?

this past Spring he was like "oh no, the economy is fine, no worries..."

and the winner is...

i would like to nominate Mars 2112 for best use of rope lights out side a college dorm.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

scooter bragade

i would like to join a scooter club.

it seems like it would be nice to know other scooterest in some way other than through the internet.
Sadly, Denver is just not a scootering "hot spot."

i would like to get to know vintage riders and stella riders. i am not interested in Honda 50cc, buddy's, peoples etc.

i don't have a cool name. i don't have a cool logo [those, as always, are top priority.] But it would be nice to get together with other people that ride once a month or so.

yes the local scooter shops have events sometimes. I am always out of town, don't know until too late, don't know anyone, forget etc. But i would like a riding buddy or few every so often. and a special club sticker that doesn't make me a total poser.

i'm not a hard core hobbyist with money to burn. i would just like to know some other people in town.

i met a guy in the Target parking lot a few weeks ago. said he lives in Edgewater, has the same scoot as me. said he also rarely sees anyone on a modern vespa in that area. He is not on Modern Vespa. his name was Rob. [i think] i will prolly never see him again. too bad.

Monday, September 22, 2008

megs wedding

here are the pictures i have from the wedding.

we survived the big apple

i'm too tired to cover everything. but here's a general run down:
long flight, mars restaurant, complete with pelvic thrusting alien near our table. the 3 yr. old loved it, the 6 yr old was too old for it.
GIANT toys R us with a DDR machine tucked back between board games and very small children. we played. the legos are great and there's a giant T-rex.
went to Governor's Island. its nice because hardly anyone is there. my sister inlaw was part of the free mini-golf project. had a gerat time. it is NOT toueresty. long subway ride.
fun hours d'overs dinner at a swanky place. the kids were all wel behaved, though the owner had a poll up his butt and didnt seem to think so.
had a Shake Shake Concreet at Madison Squair Park.
up at 7, Brookly Botanic Gardens by 9. wedding at 11. cocktail hr. lunch, dissert, cake, frost your own cookies, wite chocoalte fountain, drinks, toasts.
OK everybody to the Subway Station!
Coney island. Nathan's Hot dogs.
Wonder wheel. board walk, the beach. frisbee with carnies.
LOoONG tube ride back to Midtown. check out H & M
Brunch at 11.
walked back from 104th st. to 35th st. enjoyed the park. Macys., lunch.
In the car. to the airport. traffic, delayed flights.
FINALLY back in Denver.
omg. sleep...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

not a rant

So we are finally headed to NYC for the big wedding extravaganza!

i am excited. 1. i love weddings. 2. i love visiting New York. I don't think i would want to live there, but i enjoy the visit. there will be lots of people, and lots of running around doing crazy things.

i feel like there is more to say here, but really there's not.

updates when we return!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

a rant. an office rant.

we've done 15 versions of a print. why? well because China cant seem to print what we originally sent them. so now we are "adjusting it" to something they can.
the problem is that the original print was nitpicked to death to get where it was. so now we are changing it, for printing reasons,and trying to get something we like just as much.

as of this morning I have print on my desk that looks great. will be a beautiful shirt. my boss comes by and says, "have you gotten anywhere with that print?" - well no. because i have what we ended with at 5pm yesterday, and i think it looks great. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU DON'T LIKE ABOUT IT.
laughs. "well it just needs some tweaking. just play with it."
"oh, you know. just some cleaning up."


Tuesday, September 09, 2008


nothing says quality family outing like watching a puppet poll dance.

Friday, September 05, 2008

recent additions

periodically "classic western" things appear around the building.

the leather couches showed up from the *mart... but they are outside the CEOs office, so i feel bad spending any time there- though sometimes i see him sleeping there late in the afternoon.

flat screen tv [from the mart] across from the couches- always showing CNN. does not help discourage couch lounging.

big ass buffalo head half way down the stair well. one of our vendors says he almost missed the first step, 'cus he was looking at the head, ad trying to remember if it was there last time he was visiting. i have no idea where the head came from- the mart maybe.

hat rack- sporting worn out cowboy hats. this isnext to the couch thats across from the tv, to the right of the head.
again, i feel that spending time trying on all the hats, outside the CEO's office, is maybe not the best use of my time. [even thoguh i'm posting this from work- its friday and i'm the only one here from design.]

admittly, its odd that everything seems to congrate in the area outside the CEO's office. i gues it keeps people from enjoying it too much.

* the mart is the denver merchandise mart. we have a large show room there.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

fuck you up foo!

when i typed in "brass knuckles" i really didnt expect to find The Brass Knuckles Company

"Brass Knuckles and Chrome Knuckles have been used for hundereds of years as a self defense weapons. Now The Brass Knuckles Company has perfected this ancient weapon and made it available to everyone. We also offer a wide selection of Butterfly Knives. Butterfly Knives are available by clicking here."

who knew?

- also avalible on their site "million volt stun gun." at that point isnt it more of a kill gun?

g b

the good news is, i wont have to replace my rear tire for awhile- maybe i can save up for white walls.

the bad news is, our roofing project ad mattress project are both costing twice as much as originally thought.

the good news is, we can fit the car and everything else in the garage, and can put off getting a shed for awhile.

the bad news is... well.. that's about it really...