Saturday, February 28, 2009

from around the house

having fun with new batteries in the camera, and finding to usb cord...

out my front door.
all the houses in my neighborhood, that still have original front doors, have round windows.

chair that broke... due to age, more than the person sitting in it.


Friday, February 27, 2009

the bus

i was excited last nigh-t as i waited for the bus at Metro. the sun was set, but i could still see the outline of mountains and clouds. do you know what this means? this means that i may soon be walking home in light. i have never enjoyed being out by myself at night. i don't care if it is only 6:30. when its dark its dark.

i don't like the bus because its slow.

i do like the bus because its great people watching.

last night, girl and her mother got on across from me. i say girl, but she was prolly in high school, and i didn't conclude that it was a girl until about half way through my ride. the mother was 50ish. overweight. stringy gray hair that had been dyed hot pink, but was very faded. both had their tungs pierced. both looked like men.

the other day there was a guy sitting by the front. he looked like Bob Ross- only his fro was bleached. he was still wearing the same cloths from the 70s too. no, not 70s styled. litteraly, this guy has been wearing these cloths since the 70s. i finally figured out that he was keeping tally of how many people got on and off and which stops.

there was also a you black guy. prolly early 20s. he had his itouch, $200 jeans, $100 jacket, $150 Nike's. he was dressed well. looked nice and respectable. had a bag. but was very visibly carrying a mac air book. why? this would have fit in his bag. and would have slightly decreased that chances of him getting jumped for everything he had on him.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

woe is me

We all do things that annoy others. Sometimes its giving un-solicited advice, a personality trait or an un-intentionally wrong comment.

most often I catch my self as I saw the wrong thing- and try to apologize for it coming out wrong. I have a co-worker that routinely says nasty things and trys to pass them off as "sarcasm." i have another co-worker who holds grudges for at least a yr. some times you know why- sometimes you don't. There are a few others that are office favorites for their sparkling personality and amazing work. [some of which others of us are asked to correct on the side so that no one knows.] they don't like some one new- so now i can no longer eat lunch with them.
another girl, i think of as a friend, is also friends with a girl from another department, who appears to tolerate me.
we talk about being annoyed about constantly being snubbed for lunch outings and so forth, yet then she snubs me too.

this is only the social side of office politics.

most people reading by now, know that i really don't care for my company or a number of the people i work with. Despite that, i try to be friendly and good tempered with everyone. i hate playing games.

for the most part i like most of these people. I very much miss going to lunch once a week or two with the group. i don't expect to be best friends with anyone- its obvious we are in some very different social circles, but I am trying to have a good working relationship and some work buddies.

I have in the last number of months backed off of a number of people. which is to say, that i don't make an effort to start regular conversations with them. coincidentally, most of them pretty much never talk to me.

i was in better standing with several people until 2 girls were hired last spring. then i was grouped over with them. i thought it would blow over in 5 or 6 months. but it hasn't. things seem to continue to diminish.

I am disappointed in my self for caring so much about politics and being liked. i am also disappointed in people i thought i was on good terms with, for being so cliquish.

RMRG Monthly Pub Crawl

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


By mutual agreement, Steven Page will be parting company with the remaining members of Barenaked Ladies. Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson, and Tyler Stewart will continue recording and touring together as Barenaked Ladies. Steven Page will pursue solo projects including theatrical opportunities while the band enters the studio in April 2009, and hits the road in the fall.

Page says "These guys are my brothers. We've grown up together over the past twenty years. I love them and wish them all the best in the future."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


turns out hot wing casserole is GREAT!


light pink: pants, hat, scarf, purse
dark pink long jacket

i have no idea what color her shoes were, but i suspect, pink.

Monday, February 23, 2009

hot wing casserole

yes. you heard right. HOT WING CASSEROLE.

We were making out weekly menu as we do..weekly. and Tim asked me the sme silly question he asks every week. "What do you want to eat?"

hot wings and tater tots... hot wing cassarol.

by now you would think he would kn0w enough to ask what we should eat this week.

so we googled it. there are several varieations. ours is this:

big ol' pan.
tatertots. bottom layerthen add cut up carrots and celery.
add a nice layer of Ranch dressing.

add chicken

add hot sauce. .. and olives. tim wanted cheese as well. now i love cheese as much as the next person, and it sounds delicious- but i had to say no. i know olives dont go with traditional hot wings. but we like to jum at the oppertunity to put olives in just obut anything we can.

then i put foil on it. in the oven at 425. for 20 min. remove foil, cook another 10 min. note that things are bubbling.

hope its good.



light blue pants, hat, scarf, socks, purse.
black shoes, jacket

Sunday, February 22, 2009

spring pops up

i was out and about and inspecting my yard last weekend. i planted a bunch of tulips lat fall, hoping to have a little spring color.

i found some snow drops that i didn't know i had.

my rhubarb is starting to sprout.
and finally some signs of life from at least a couple tulips.

its supposed to be nice for the next 4 or 5 days. i'm going to go out and water- hope that the other will show there heads as well.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

paper circle garland

A couple weeks ago i finally got around to doing a craft project I dreamed up at X-mas.
[the above sentence is not actually a link. but blogspot felt that it should be.]

its just a string with a bunch of fun colored and textured circles taped to it. but you could do this with any number of shapes. i suppose it just depends on your personal level of sanity, or OCD.

i only have OCD in small spurts, so i used a circle cutter and did this in about an hr. or less.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

fun fun family fun time

Monday we took the days off, planning to run around with the family- as T's uncle and cousin are in town for the week.

Uncle T got sick, so we took the kids [and m + d and katie] - Alex, Mr. k and the Bean to red rocks and Casa Bonita.

Alex took LOTS of pictures. hopefully i will see some of them some time. they had fun running around, up and down the stairs, until everyone complained of being hungry.
Originally we were headed to Casa Bonita because Uncle T had never been , and frankly it was his only chance to go with us. i don't care if he was sick in bed with a fever.

i think we spent somewhere between 2 hr and an an eternity there. kids had fun. i was surprised at how crowded it was for a monday afternoon.

it now appears that Alex is sick- and tim and i wernt feeling great this morning either. feel like i'm about to be sick, hopefully it will just go away and not manifest i like to spend my weekends not sick.

i feel this blog entry would be more interesting if i had the pictures to accompany it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

off the band wagon.

last week i got in 1 post. and this week is not off to a good start either.

Had a great Valentins, as usual. eggs, potatos, breakfast sauage, salsa. mmm...

Sratbucks was $1 drinks- and i had a gift card.

we went to donate blood- but my count was too low. i will have to go back later. they wondered about Tim because his temp was 66.3 and me because mine is 99.3

Tim told me he had a surprise for me, but i had to pick it out.
Really, nothing says "i love you" like my very own cleaver.

we watched Dr. who. had been putting off the last 2 episodes of what ever season we were watching due to Daliks. i fucking hate Daliks.


had a good roast dinner, etc.

went to an art opening.

it was a good day.

this may not sound exceptionally exciting or romantic to anyone else out there, but it was a good day. it was a lazy day. its just what we needed.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


this has been a confusing week. I have had a very hard time keeping my days strait, and i'm behind on a number of things.

i got locked in my bedroom last night when the door knob fell off. i managed to get the door open with out having to resort to climbing out the window.

Ch.7 sent a reporter and camera man to our practice last night. the reporter choose to be on skates. I think he did really well considering that he couldn't remember the last time he was on skates and that he was wearing 2nd hand roller rink skates. it is supposed to air Sunday at 10 during the sports segment. i have no idea if this is 10am or 10 pm.

i need new wrist guards- my cheap ones are falling apart.

I'm also trying to get together an outfit for the benifet foundraiser next week.
my brother and sister-in-law will be speaking at the event.

all i can say is, thank god its thursday.

Friday, February 06, 2009

First Friday

To night is First Friday.
Art districts all over town- in many towns- are having late hours, crackers, sweaty cheese and possible booze. You can go, eat, view mostly terrible art- and some really great art- all for free.

for other things to do tonight, or for more info on the below locations, check out

Tennyson St. from 38th to 45th Ave.
I will be there, and one of our roller girls has some photography on display at Studio 52. Grab some food while your out at Parisi or Tacos Jalisco. if you want more options head over to 32nd & Lowell- there are many food options.

Not too far from there is Pirate Art Oasis and a hand full of other oddities at 37th & Navajo. Try Patsys, or Pasquinis.

I like William Havu at 1040 Cherokee St. denver. there is another gallery right there as well- though the name escapes me. Havu always puts on an amazing show of very professional, very expensive art. Walk over to Pints Pub, or Denver Dinner for some grub.

if you want quantity, but not necessarily quality, you can head over to old Santa Fe Dr. between 6th and 10th. there are TONS of gallery's along here. We recommend eating at Arada.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


its Thursday.
were tired.
[were having tacos for dinner too...]

thursday is our veg night. our friday. our calaps on the couch and try to convince ourselves that we need to go to work in the morning.

monday-thursday home by 7:30 or 8. dinner by 9. shower and bed by 10:30.
friday- just work. no school, no skating- time to go out
saturday- run errands, etc etc
sunday- practice, home work, get togethers. and it all starts over again.

thank god for thursdays.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

wow!? wheres all the snow!?

our thread vendor was here this morning. I don't know where hes from- at all.

its 65 F here today.

the first thing he said was "wow, i expected it to be cold and snowy. it nice you folks have a little break from all that snow you get."

I have relatives from Nebraska who don't come out because it might snow. you know, because the winters are so bad here. especially to ... nebraska.... yeah we totally have ice storms covered in snow and high winds beat.

beat with beautiful weather, that is. seriously. we have some cold days, the occasional snow storm. but really- its dry and comparably, very warm. and SUNNY. have i mentioned that its sunny like 360 days a year? oh, oh and its not icy.... and our sunsets- and sun rises for that matter, totally kick ass. not to mention all the other magic's of living in colorado- and more denver.Denver snow storm of 07- or 06- i dont rememberalso taken, colorado January.

I realises that the people reading this blog know this. but i had to get it off my chest.

Also. the flip flops i'm wearing? MY FEET ARE NOT COLD.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Season Opener!

That's right! it's a double header!

check out for more info.

[no, i'm not playing, but i'll be there- possibly selling cookie, or osmething.]

Monday, February 02, 2009

saw his shadow. whos supprised?

the ground hog did. maybe the problem is that they start this thing too late in the morning?

i would be more excited about the "less winter" thing, if snow was less a part of spring.

none the less, its very spring like this week, here in Denver.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

7th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest

we saw a poster for this in our favorite small hipster liquor store tonight. Its put on by Avery Brewing Company in Boulder. all proceeds go to charity. Looks like a good time. don't know if we will go- will have to see where our food budget is at the end of the month. :)7th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest. February 27&28, 2009

Featuring 60+ of the finest high gravity draft beers from across America. Beers will be over 8% abv, with some created especially for this event. We have planned that ALL beers will be available at the start both sessions. $25 at the door gains you entry, a commemorative tasting glass, and sixteen, 2oz pour, tasting tickets. Additional sample tickets are two for $1. There are no advance ticket sales to this event.Proceeds will go to Local Charities.
The 2009 fest will be bigger than ever. We have a ton of new participants with exciting offerings!

Friday, February 27th: 4:00pm-10:00pm, Saturday February 28th: Noon-6:00pm

Avery (CO), Allagash (ME), Full Sail (OR), Shorts (MI), Stone (CA), Pizza Port (CA), Lagunitas (CA), Jolly Pumpkin (MI), Shorts (MI), Snake River (WY), Smuttynose (NH), Russian River (CA), Bear Republic (CA), Dogfish Head (DE), New Holland (MI), Moylan�s (CA), Flying Dog (MD), Left Hand (CO), Boulder Beer (CO), Golden City (CO), Pumphouse (CO), Mountain Sun (CO), Twisted Pine (CO), Oskar Blues (CO) Wild Mountain (CO) with still more to confirm!
Where: Harpo�s Sports Grill, 2860 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder 80303