Monday, September 22, 2008

we survived the big apple

i'm too tired to cover everything. but here's a general run down:
long flight, mars restaurant, complete with pelvic thrusting alien near our table. the 3 yr. old loved it, the 6 yr old was too old for it.
GIANT toys R us with a DDR machine tucked back between board games and very small children. we played. the legos are great and there's a giant T-rex.
went to Governor's Island. its nice because hardly anyone is there. my sister inlaw was part of the free mini-golf project. had a gerat time. it is NOT toueresty. long subway ride.
fun hours d'overs dinner at a swanky place. the kids were all wel behaved, though the owner had a poll up his butt and didnt seem to think so.
had a Shake Shake Concreet at Madison Squair Park.
up at 7, Brookly Botanic Gardens by 9. wedding at 11. cocktail hr. lunch, dissert, cake, frost your own cookies, wite chocoalte fountain, drinks, toasts.
OK everybody to the Subway Station!
Coney island. Nathan's Hot dogs.
Wonder wheel. board walk, the beach. frisbee with carnies.
LOoONG tube ride back to Midtown. check out H & M
Brunch at 11.
walked back from 104th st. to 35th st. enjoyed the park. Macys., lunch.
In the car. to the airport. traffic, delayed flights.
FINALLY back in Denver.
omg. sleep...

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