Sunday, November 23, 2008


YEA! i'm getting Kitties for my bday!

...yes.. you heard right... plural kitties...

we have now crossed, very quickly over the boundary from "people with a cat or 2" to "crazy cat people."

see... we have looked at a lot of kittens in the past week, [and ill tell you i was not impressed with Dumb Friends League] and I found a place called the Rocky Mt. Alley Cat Alliance. these people work to spay/neuter stray cats. some are release back and some are kept, rehabilitated and adopted out to loving family's.
you can go by the main office- which unfortunately, most of the kittens were in quarantine for 2 weeks, to get re-tested for feline leukemia. I really did not want to fall in love, and wait for a kitten, only to lean that it was sick. how ever, they also had other cats at a local pet boutique.
there we found 2 yr old all black girl. and a 10 week old orange kitten. - there were also at least 2 other cats that we loved.. but Jesus, we just cant take 4.
so we are waiting for our adoption papers to go through, and hopefully we will have 2 new kitties to add the the bunch.

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