Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I was watching Globe Trekker on PBS the other night. This is one of my all time favorite travel shows. usually the young people have a rout they are going to take- off the beaten path- with some sleeping arrangements made ahead of time. they carrie their own bag, have a set amount of money [i presume] and maybe a bicycle, or use the public transport.
last week they went to Peru, to some festival or another at the top of the Andies. [this is where i'm too lazy to check google, and hope to god that what poped into my head is the correct mt. range, on the correct content.] Like most festivals there was dancing and music, etc. what was really intresting though, was the masks worn instead of paint. they look very simalar to the freaky clown mask i posted a few entries down. in that setting, not trying to be clowns, and in all seriousness, the maskes were very intresting.
this new insite, does not, infact, make the knitted clown mask below any less terrifying.

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