Friday, September 05, 2008

recent additions

periodically "classic western" things appear around the building.

the leather couches showed up from the *mart... but they are outside the CEOs office, so i feel bad spending any time there- though sometimes i see him sleeping there late in the afternoon.

flat screen tv [from the mart] across from the couches- always showing CNN. does not help discourage couch lounging.

big ass buffalo head half way down the stair well. one of our vendors says he almost missed the first step, 'cus he was looking at the head, ad trying to remember if it was there last time he was visiting. i have no idea where the head came from- the mart maybe.

hat rack- sporting worn out cowboy hats. this isnext to the couch thats across from the tv, to the right of the head.
again, i feel that spending time trying on all the hats, outside the CEO's office, is maybe not the best use of my time. [even thoguh i'm posting this from work- its friday and i'm the only one here from design.]

admittly, its odd that everything seems to congrate in the area outside the CEO's office. i gues it keeps people from enjoying it too much.

* the mart is the denver merchandise mart. we have a large show room there.

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