Monday, June 30, 2008

another year, another ren fest

it was that time of year again. ren fest time.
alex bought a bodice. adam tried to get some custom made dr. doom plate mail made. tim spent a bunch of time randomly holding things for me so i could :fiddle with my hair, pants, wings, try on corsets, eat, etc.
sara and i spent time with alex convincing her to get a bodice and giving input on the ones she was trying on.
i'm not sure who won the joust.
tim did not buy a leather top hat.

because Sara is moving to Tucson... next weekend, and tim and i will be adventuring in neb. we had a farewell bonfire at our house.

Friday, June 27, 2008

pipe cleaner dancer

have fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

flip flops survive their first week.

ok. here we are at week one. doing pretty good. getting broken in.

pretty things in our yard

we have pretty things in our yard.

i have a confession

i LOVE the Hannah Montana lip gloss....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

o if only we could visit

as a small child i loved sesame street and reading rainbow... hell what am i kidding. i still love them.

when i was little i wanted very much to be on sesame street. i knew it was fictional, but i thought it was something you could do if you were a kid in NYC. That if you were visiting you could go and be in a skit... like counting.. or something.

this morning i happened to catch Reading rainbow.... it was one of my favorite episodes.. about claymation and how macys day parade balloons get made. they showed a Snoopy balloon go from idea to finish in the parade. it was the 1987 parade... yeah. that episode is now old enough to drink. at the end the show always did kids talking about their favorite book. i always wanted to do that too, not knowing that these are prolly child actors.
now i wonder where those kids are now. i'v never seen a IMDB listing showing some one as a child book reader on the show.
apparently they were making new episodes until 2005. though the last few "seasons" seem to span 3 years or so. the last real season was 1998 and it only had 5 episodes.



Wednesday, June 11, 2008


For those of you who dont know, i have a meta/ plastic skin alergy. I also have a dislike for wearing shoes and resort to flip flops. i go through a pair of fabric sole flip flops from Target every few weeks or so- total distruction.***
this sumer after some trial and error i have found a pair of everyday, all the time. at least thats what i hope.

my goal here is to *remember* to take photos of them once a week. will these nice all leather, $100 flip flops last me through the summer or longer? i certainly hope so.

*** i have no idea why the above typed as a link. i cant make it stop.

hiking 8 june 2008

last weekend wolvie, tim, boog and i went hiking at Maverick Hill/Sawmill Loop, in White Ranch Open Space.

boog has photos posted of this trip and the previous week on facebook.

Monday, June 09, 2008


I went with my brother-in-law to get his tattoo this weekend. this was fun as i have never been to a tattoo parlor. he was getting a tattoo that he had designed and i have helped him finalize the art on. the design has significant meaning to him and was a birthday present.
i was impressed by the shop. it was large, nice, clean, everyone was friendly and no one was pushy.
I have wanted to tattoo since i was about 8. they have gone in and out of style over the years, along with location popularity. i have a couple different things i would like to get. One is a technical illustration of a lotus- but I've always been afraid that it would end up blurring.
i want a stylized koi, made to look like painted ink on my hip.
i want a large colored peonies with sparrows on my back.

i think tim would look hot with sleeves. :)


i got an oil change and fluid change and general inspection on my scoot this weekend. the price has about doubled in the last 2 years since i purchased it. Tim has pointed out that this is really not a bad maintenance fee to pay. though I'm pissed that it costs me almost $10 to fill up now. when i bought it i was buying a full tank of premium with pocket change- literally.
i have said this before and i will say it again. i continue to want to be more involved with Denver scooter culture. but not knowing anyone it it makes it terribly intimidating. every time i go to one of the local scoot shops i leave pissed off. service is slow and often crappy. at one point when i first got into it and was buying a jacket among other things, i was at a shop for 2 hrs, trying on everything in the store, trying to get the right fit, etc. no one talked to me. no one ever said hi. when i finally found an employee [they were hanging out gossiping] and asked for help, they couldn't tell me anything and offered no service. i complained at some point on a scooter forum, that i was a noob. and just trying to get info and help, and was super disappointed in the local shops. later some one posted that i was wrong to hate on the locals, and that in fact one of them was a woman owned shop and she would be horrified to hear that service was crappy. HERE ME NOW: if you have women saying "i am getting no and bias service because i am a woman- because it was completely different when i was in these shops with my father- then you need to take a look at how you are conducting business. don't alienate new buyers and riders and women."
if anyone knows of a local shop that handles vespas, that is not erico or sportique, please let me know.


The below link is to a series of lectures being hosted by Belmar Lab.

we missed the first one, but hope to make it to several this summer.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama 08

If you missed watching Obama speak last night, you can watch it here. my brother-in-law has it posted in his blog.
this man has an amazing speaking voice.- this is coming from me. my hearing is crap. yet i am able to listen to him and understand what he is saying, while not actually watching him. for whatever reason that affects me a lot.
i cannot listen to this speech without crying. for the first time in my life I'm excited about politics. i cannot wait for the DNC, i cannot wait to see where this all goes.

Change is coming. its time to be excited.

Monday, June 02, 2008


i was asked twice today - on my ride home about my scooter.
admittedly i don't ride enough. i am trying to be better about that i just really don't like riding in high wind and or rain.
how much does it cost. whats the gas mileage. how much gas does it hold. how fast does it go. is that vespa. could my wife ride one?

i smile.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

the weekend

so friday Tim and i both leave work early, so we can head up to Loveland. 2 of my cousins [2nd] are graduating from high school and college. their dad is from a Lebanese family [based out of nebraska]- so they had things like lamp kebabs and home made baklava. etc. tim and i ended up at a table, that originally had my dad at it. he was filling me in on the recent tornado that swept kearney and minden [basically danced around a bunch of our relatives houses. when my parents left, we were left at a table with my 2nd cousin's family on their dads side, who was talking to us about my dad's sister's husbands family [who also lives in Minden.]
we exited. and made a run for Ft. Fun to visit Nate.
Nate is still living in a house with some guys. but its a nicer house and apparently he doesn't hate his roommates with a burning passion. there was a new guy moving in. apparently he was one of the responders to a craigs list roommate add that stated that their house was now Vampire free. he looked presently geeky.
since Ft. fun is blessed with a Pizza Street, we introduced Nate to the buffalo chicken ranch pizza and got the down low on what happened to the Pizza Street that previously shared the parking lot with our grocery store.[ apparently the guy running it was a loser who didn't advertise- even when giving promotional material. then one day called to say he would be away for a while. and they haven't heard from him since.]

saturday we preceded with our plan to go hiking every weekend, working our way up to more and more hardcore hikes. we are still on pretty easy- but maybe thats a good thing.

watched Juno while we were Katie sitting. the dialog was great.