Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring and things

Spring is my second favorite only to Fall.

I find spring to be terribly romantic. Everything is new and beautiful and green. I love watching new little plants push up out of the ground.
Its been 10 years since I was in London in the spring, and I desperately wish to go back and share my favorite city with Tim.
It's been 3 years since Tim and I went to Chengdu, China. Where I decided I was absolutely head over heals in love, and would have married him then and there on top of a mountain. Incidentally we have a forever lock on a chain along the path to the top of a Taoist mountain, with our initials engraved and the date.

Valentines Day is coming up. I have to say, I enjoy this holiday. For me it marks the start of spring. I also think of it a bit like Thanksgiving. I like to think of all the things and all the people I love and why.
I know almost everyone dislikes this holiday, saying "It's only for a select few" or "I don't need to be told to be romantic one day of the year."* Maybe not, but I think it is fun to have that day dedicated to Love. No one is saying you cant do romantic things the rest of the year.
Do most people expect too much out of Valentines Day? Yes probably. I know deep down that I don't need or want the diamond tennis bracelet, but good god in the days surrounding this holiday i sure as hell do.
Have fun, think of all the people and things you love and cherish and don't take it all so seriously.

* I know some girls who were talking about their Valentines plans over a month ago. When i commented that they seemed excited about it [they both have boyfriends this year], they replied in unison what a shitty holiday it was and so forth. Excuse me, I'm not the one that has plans, knows the days of the week, or what my work schedule for that weekend is before the New Year.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lazy day.... kind of

Lazy day for me. busy day for Tim. When he started planning this LARP event, we thought it was happening last Saturday, but change of plans, and it is tonight, so we are no longer going to Derby Prom, he is full of adrinalin, and i dont have any plans.

Sitting at my desk this week feeling kind of terrible, i was thinking all the things i wanted to get done at home this weekend.
put away the Christmas boxes.
do some drawing
get new photos on the computer machine.

and i continue to not feel all that well. I've been in a bot of limbo, not feeling good, but not feel that bad either.
i don't really want to do anything. At all. but am still sad i do not have plans for tonight. [admittidly i have made no, zero, zip effort to have plans tonight.]

Thursday, January 21, 2010

olympics 2010

As most of you know, the winter Olympics will be starting shortly. This years host is Vancouver, BC.
When we were in Seattle over Thanksgiving I started seeing merch. And it is amazing. I wanted all of it. I am SO impressed with the mascot design, along with the more serious, actual sports designs. I love the Olympics, and i can not wait!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

this week

i need to write something here. but what I'm not sure.

The Mr. is finally taking the plunge, starting up his own one shot/one day LARP group. He has been talking about this for a year. foreseeably this is something that, in the future he would not loose money on. though the chance of making money is slim. still i'm glad that he is dong this.

it's market week for me. every januarary Denver hoasts the largest western buyers mart in the US. [i think Atlanta is knownfor their Christmas market.]This is an exciting, crazy, exhosting, dreaful time of year. i spend most of my day in the back room dressing modles for our runway fashion show within the show room. when i'm not in the back i am either in the way, not being helpful enough or gazing longingly at beautiful boots- the kind that i dont need, wont wear much, but absoutly love and want to own. maybe this year i will find a pair in a more erasonable price range than the ones i have been lusting after for a year.
this year my first official with my name attached Kids line will be on the run way. I am super excited. in the office i just finished summer and am thinking aobut outerwear and soforth for the following fall. fall 2011. i think that this current group is going to have blow out sales.

Friday, January 08, 2010

out of my head onto the computer

my work computer has been having issues all week. virus issues.
i had no computer before lunch, and now i am trying to work on something that is taking 45 min to rasterize in Illustrator.
my head hurts. right on schedule for my monthly sinus infection. BOOO.
i just really feel not good today.
i got my bonus check at work today. since its a bonus i want to do something fun with it. usually we spend it on car repairs.
there are some cowboy boots i have been lusting after for a yr. and a camera that i want badly. travel plans w/ no funding, car repairs, house up-dates.... etc.

We have talked of going to Taiwan this year, to visit friends who are their teaching English. I intensely wish to return to London. its been 10 years since my first trip over seas. I fell in love with London. Even now i look for job opportunity's that would take us there to stay.
i want to go in late February or early march to see the daffodils at Kew Gardens. the museums are amazing, the architecture fantastic and the tea shops plentiful.
I loved it there and i want to share London with Tim.

I think i have come to understand "survivors guilt"- at least on a low level. We know a number of people who seem to have hit rough patches in their personal relationships lately. its hard knowing that you are madly in love and in a fantastic marriage, while knowing so many others are miserable. there is nothing you can say - or should say that can help them find happiness, but you don't want to throw your own happiness in their face.
2010 has started out really good for us, and i hope that everyone else we know finds happiness too.

We made meatballs last night.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

tales from the gym

why do women wear giant dangley earrings at the gym? it looks painful and stupid.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

the orchid story

So the orchid did survive it's first day w/ the cats. and no one appears to have thorns stuck in their paws or mouths.

The story w/ the orchid [as told by Tim]:

"Hey, this plant rung up at $30.00 The sign says it's $14.00." "No, that's only the obvious sign. This was the sign that's facing the wall, hidden behind some plants, that says $23.00" "Can I have it for the large, visible, advertised price instead?" "No, but you can have it for free." Negotiation: win!

Monday, January 04, 2010


Denver Art Museum's current exhibit is a series of installation pieces by different artists.

i liked this one.

tales from the gym

your iphone looks stupid in a giant encasing arm band thing.

there was a guy carrying around a 2 liter bottle of green tea ginger ale.

and so so so sooo many people in attendance for the first monday of the new year.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


cactus! and cats! and an orchid!
we'll see how this goes.

Seattle Thanksgiving 2009

Some pics from Seattle, Thanksgiving 2009.

In no particular order:

Saturday, January 02, 2010


ducks on a frozen lake.
27 Dec. 09

whear the decade went

i admit, my spelling has not improved. but here is a run down of things that happened in the last 10 years.

2000: i got my drivers licensed 3 weeks before y2k. went to London. LOVED IT.
2001: met my now husband and had my first "real relationship"- not w/ my husband. totaled first car.
2002: graduated from high school, started college. watched that relationship fall apart.
2003: started dating a really good guy. hated college.
2004: hated college and roommate. went to classic toga party.
2005: put together 15 piece fashion show group in school.
2006: internship, and hiring at RMCC. graduated college. broke up with boyfriend. got a motorcycle licensed and Vespa GT2000. started dating again. [i really never intended to move between relationships as fast as i did.] Tim got Ozzy
2007: Went to china w/ BF and friend. got engaged. went to Spain w/ friend for a week. totaled second car. got married. went to NYC for new years eve. Took over care of Falkor
2008: bought a house. went to new york for a wedding. I got Kabuki and Prof. Cheeto
2009: started playing roller derby. Finally moved up at work to be Designer of the children's line. quit roller derby. Lost Ozzy. Went to Pittsburgh. went to Seattle. went to Las Vegas.

we entered 2010 w/ a party and a lazy day watching movies. Bring on the new year!