Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a gusty gale

hum.. A Gusty Gale...should be a kids book.

well its windy. winds clocked at 97 mph along the front range. my large wooden gate was torn off its hinges this morning.
[this is a pic. from the news web site. tumble weeds taking over the front of a house in Erie this morning.]

power was out at work for over an hr. and snapped power cables in the road by work.

also one of my tiers is low again. not the one from a couple days ago, but the one from a couple months ago. gonna take it in after work tonight and have them looked at.

heading to Flogging Molly tonight. i have never seen them in concert. its supposed to be GREAT. i haven't been to a concert in forever... that reminds me- find ear plugs.

Friday after xmas Mr. T and I went to look at TVs and vacuums. my old vacuum kicked it xmas eve, and we have been talking about upgrading our TV, as i no longer enjoy going to the movies. we are investing in larger picture, much better sound and picture.

friday night we had people over for Drink the Beer! the giant bottle didnt actually go as far as we thought it would, but others brought snacks and more beer. funn was had, and a few people ended up totally waisted. i am also hoping that some of the "fun" helps fertalize the front yard, rather than killing it further.

Saturday, we found an open caption version of Slumdog Millionare playing. i hate to bitch [ok, no i dont] but, seriously, if your going to bother showing somethign with captions, MAYBE they should not be hardly visible transparent white. grr.

Sunday we made an "early" [10am] run to the Natural History Museum. the dinosour exhibbet is leaving jan. 4th. We saw half of it several weeks ago, before the crowd was overwhelming- and went back to see the end. there is also a great photography show of Ice. we looked for gnomes, but didnt find any before museum fatigue set in.

monday was drive in car/hot springs/ eat food day. we were totally whiped out- and we pretty much only did those 3 things, all day. apparently some relitives were planning to go snowshoeing today. i hape they have vietoed that idea for something less...windy.
the boys had a rambungtchious game of Kobalds Ate My Baby, whle M and I watched finding neverland and passed out on the couch.

Friday, December 26, 2008

xmas 08

first of all, Happy Christmas everyone...

we had a great whirl wind [kitty is helping me type and im too lazy to correct]
xmas. it didnt really feel like xmas this yr. maybe because my parents went here, and thing we re a little bit different.
xmas eve- tried to clean the house [it needed it], and the vacuum killed th epower, and officially died. we had C over for dinner of steaks, mash potatos, sesame green beans, figs stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in purchuttio, and apples baked in sparkling cuder, stuffed with walnuts, dried cherries and mince meat, served with ice cream.
many friends join ed us later in the evening after attending family dinners and partys. beer was drunk, cross bows and catapults was played, and a number of out of town people were greated back for the holidays.

i have a tree, of course, tim and i did a small few presents this yr. on xmas am. tim got a panda key chain flashlight, a chain scarf. and i got a neck warmer, grocery bag, camera case [now i just need the camera for it.] and roller skates.
we re opened a box from last xmas that had stocking stuff in it. our apt. was so small i didnt know what to do with any thing, so i just boxed it up, thinknig we would look at it when we moved.

we made an airport run to pick up M & M, delived them safely to tims mom, and ran home to get food together. fortunatly tims brother AP had generiously offered to hoast xmas- so we were all bringing dishes to contribute to the GIGANTIC meal that was served. i cant wait to eat stuffing and mas potatos for breakfast this morning.
we got a family wii. mom and dad will keep it at their house and loan it out for the occasional party, and we will go over there to play it and hang out. very fun.

today we have people comming over to help drink this gigantic beer.

this post was going to be about things not to put in the micro wave. maybe later...

Monday, December 22, 2008

lil old asian lady


black boots, pants, hat, gloves
lepard print scarf- tan
long poofy coat- tan.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

first dance

oh how i wish we had done this...
actually i wish we had planned more music and dancing to go with the drinking.



daily walk

little chines woman sighting.

today: black boots, pants, hat, scarf. and a knee length hot pink puffer coat.

Monday, December 15, 2008

baby its M*F**KEN COLD...outside

yeah.. WOO we broke the record low temp. -18 this morning.


[ssh.. don't tell my mom... i haven't told her yet, and she freaks out when i play dangerous sports.]

i have NO idea how i got on the team. since i cant skate for shit. guess i'm learning now!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Happy Birthday Will!

have you seen those bill boards?

good will turns 90 this year. [or at least in Denver. the link to the time line was broken.]

Friday, December 12, 2008


my company still does a CHRISTMAS party...

is Hanukkah late this year? usually you hear about the start of it.

is robin having a Festivius for the Rest of Us party again this yr?

will we get our xmas lights up before xmas this yr?

what happened to Kwanza?

Thursday, December 11, 2008


recently, i have been seeing new Coke billboards in my neighborhood. i think they are great, and i hope some one other than me is paying attention. I cant tell if they are new, and look like they are from the 80s, or if they are actually from the 80s and being re-run.
i have only seen them in Spanish. [this is common in my neighborhood.]
but they have parents and children doing things together...and, of course, enjoying a coke. these family's are all well dressed. one has father and sons working on a car.. the other has a mother and daughter doing..something, i don't remember what.

on an unrelated note... or maybe not so much really...

we were discussing Festivius at work the other day. i have celebrated and know some of the traditions of Festivius... but i TOTALLY didnt realize that it was started by Seinfield. for shame.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


I'm 25 today.

that means.... i can rent a car.... if i could afford it...

its the 67th anniversary of Pearl harbor.

i'm half as old as my mom.

i'm getting an orange kitten!

the broncos are playing the chiefs

last night was the warmest parade of lights EVER. which means so many people turned out, that i didn't even see the parade.

45 days until Obama is in the white house.

the dow is at 8635.42- yesterday.. or the day before, we were declared in a recession... though we've known it since last yr at this time.
unemployment is at its lowest since the mid 1970s.

its supposed to be 63 today..and snow tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

first real snow

we had snow, starting friday night. it was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season. big white fluffy flakes. [its all gone now, of course.]

i would like to recommend the hot chocolate at Pasquini's [32nd & Zuni]. but make sure you order it from the nice guy with the dreads. were talking late cup of very good hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, choc. syrup and carmel. if you are, or are with a cute girl, let her order first. you are more likely to actually get this version of the coco.

I turn 25 on Sunday. its wednesday and i havent sent out birthday plans to anyone. still not really sure what i want to do. prolly i should just pick a restaront and call it good.