Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have started thinking about New Year resolutions.

i know that you don't/ shouldn't necessarily wait until the new year to start new habits- which often means putting things off for quite sometime, with the excuse of "after the new year."

But none the less i enjoy the tradition of thinking about what you hope to accomplish in the new year.

1. acquire Tommy on vinyl.

2. get the stereo all hooked up and working together. this is already partly accomplished- though one speaker isn't working and the record player needs to be part of it.

3. get the cactus garden going in the window planter. we need plants that can defend them selves against cats.

4. Tim and i started working on a creative project together last summer. I totally let the ball drop on my end of it. I need and want to get going on the project again.

5. go to the gym 3 days a week. i have been doing better, but the holidays have me at 1 day, 2 tops.

Monday, December 28, 2009

tales from the gym

i love the guys who show up in their cycling outfits to ride the bikes.

i watched Rachel Ray make a basic salad. she said, " i like to throw the chopped veggies on top, i think it makes the salad pretty. guess I'm kind of crazy like that." um, not really. its called making a salad and trying to hard to be unique.

i like watching people walk at a window shopping pace for 20 min while they text the whole time. why bother?

i like the couple scrawny teen age boys who come in and lift weights together.

count down

And just like the Christmas is over.

There was a whirl wind of family and friends and food and snow.
We are finishing up the year with a New Years Eve party and another long weekend.

We went to the Genghis Khan exhibit at the history museum this weekend. I am sorry to say that despite all the hype, it really wasn't a very good show. there were some artifacts and ancient pieces of clothing that were really cool- but you can get a more in depth history lesson from Wiki.

We also saw Avatar. As Tim points out in his blog, the general story is kind of a crap shoot of plot holes and so forth. I didn't like that the native language caption were in Papyrus. But the animation and imagined world are so incredible beautiful and creative, i wish the movie had only been about the Avatar- who cares about the white guys and their mining.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

new camera.

i got a new point and shoot camera for my birthday. it takes amazing photos!

particularly fond of the cats... couldn't get a good one of Prof. Cheeto though.

Monday, December 21, 2009

a pertty darn good month so far.

I've been in a bitchy mood lately. I'm blaming it on hormones.
But really it has been a pretty great month.

I went to my department holiday lunch at the Chop House.
We saw a bunch of family in Seattle over Thanksgiving.
I went to "birthday breakfast" with December birthdays at work.
We went to Vegas [for work] for my birthday [kind of].
We had a great dinner out at Olivea with my parents.
I got a new purse, a new camera, a light up lawn flamingo and a steam mop.
we went to Tim's company holiday party and play a few terrible rounds of pool and came home w/ some chocolate.
We washed our cats.
We bought a Christmas tree.
I had a great weekend at home with the Mr.
I had a department lunch w/ one of our main contractors.
I got 6 Omaha steaks from the same contractor- these will be Christmas Eve dinner for/with our parents.
I had my company holiday party- a catered lunch and raffle prize drawing.
We had dinner a couple different times w/ various friends- which included saying good bye to some friends moving to Taiwan.
In Theory i now have a record player.
i bought a giant red bow to go on a Christmas gift.
i am excited to have some fun Christmas surprises up my sleeve.

Next up:
we have a party w/ friends from out of town on Wednesday.
Thursday I'm watching White Christmas w/ my mom and mom in law.
we are having dinner w/ our parents.
we are having Christmas morning w/ my folks, and Christmas afternoon w/ Tim's- maybe a movie?
Tim's sister is visiting, and she has planned a fun Christmas dinner for the day after.
We are going to the Khan exhibit at the History museum.
We are hosting a big ol' New Years Eve bash.


I am and we are truly blessed. I am so glad we can spend this time w/ our family and friends.

I love you. xoxxo

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i'm deaf, not blind

just because i don't hear the conversation, doesn't mean i don't know whats going on.
I'm sorry, but there is a thing as being too polite. it involves never having an opinion and being afraid of your opinion. it often leads to lack of personality and wishy washyness.
i cant stand this. its fine if you truly don't care what movie we see or where we go to lunch, but then i don't want to hear later that you had already seen it, or wish we had eaten somewhere else.
i swear, some times i feel like i am in middle school again. everyone's in a clique, and I'm not in any of them. we are all friendly to one another- more or less, but i am never actually part of the group. always just 3 steps to the left.

it continues to surprise me how much people avoid reviling anything about them selves. they are afraid to have a favorite food or talk about what they did over the weekend. .. and no one ever wants to take the time to really talk, about anything.

i find that i am often too girly, or not girly enough.

and i know its stupid. and i know it really doesn't matter. but it all drives me nuts just the same.

Monday, December 14, 2009

the micorwaves.

in the lunch room at work there is a row of about 10 microwaves. People come down and put their food in and then... stand there.... watching.
I'm not sure why they feel the need to watch the food go-round, the tables are as little as 6 feet away. I'm also not sure why they then get pissy when you want to get to an empty microwave- because 'Hey they're standing there!'

weekend review

had a really good weekend with Tim. It was good to be home.

Friday night we went to his company Christmas party, where everyone drank too much, the billiards were free and we got chocolate out of the white elephant exchange.

Saturday we cleaned and ran errands. the house hadn't been thoroughly cleaned since before we left for Seattle and the cats did their best to shed as much as possible. We finished our Christmas shopping- the mall was busy but not crazy and i bought my self a steam mop for my birthday. WOO.

Sunday I moped. [it was wonderful] and then we went tree shopping. Watched Muppet Christmas Carol started baking pumpkin, washed the cats and went to a friends house for Hot Pot dinner.

it may not sound like much, but it was a really great weekend at home with the Mr.

Friday, December 11, 2009

ulg. work

I didn't ask you because i think you have time to keep up with filing. I asked you because all the files get emailed to you, I never see them, and the books aren't updated, and i wondered if that stuff was being saved somewhere else now.
maybe you should make a new folder instead of keeping everything in your personal e-mail, but don't be pissy because i asked where stuff was. geeze.
and no, i didn't ask in the kind of pissed off way that i am writing this now.
nothing like being the black sheep in the room. booooooo

Thursday, December 10, 2009

moving forward

I've been in a bit of a funk the last few weeks.
i know is Christmas time and I'm excited and yet, i just don't car of we get a tree or get it decorated. that's not normal. getting a tree is my absolute favorite thing during the holiday season.
my birthday came and went and it never really felt like a birthday. really i think it was one of my better birthdays because i wasn't anticipating anything so nothing went wrong. i didn't even care that we spent several hours too many in the airport.
my husband was nice enough to buy me a new purse, even though he doesn't have the damnedest idea why i needed or wanted one. we had Hawaiian themed hamburgers inside a casino and a bazaar sushi dinner at another casino. my parents got me a new camera- one we have been needing- the last camera i bought was in 2002 and Tim's was only a year newer than that.i realize that camera should and do last longer than that. my SLR is from the early 80s. but these were from the beginning of the small point and shoot development.
we also had a great dinner at Olivea with my parents last night. a long, loud dinner. but delicious.

I'm pissed at the cats. they have been in and on everything. the dry food keeps getting left out and the cats have figured out how to get into it [i swear its not me because i have cleaned it up 5 days in a row]. also we cant keep the door to the craft room open because Kabuki is in and on and eating everything she is no supposed to be. i don't know what it is about that room, she doesn't do it in the rest of the house.
I'm pretty positive that a lot of it has to do with us being away from home so much in the last few weeks. even with a house sitter they are still disgrunted about us being gone.

I'm glad to be home this weekend and settle back into the house.

maybe I'll even finish moving the pumpkins off the front porch.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

rush rush

We spent Thanks Giving week in Seattle seeing little seen family. we returned Sunday am and promptly took a nap and spent most of the day on the couch watching movies.
Saturday we turn around and head back to the air port [i haven't even finished unpacking. surprise surprise].
This time we are headed to Vegas. me for work [its NFR season] and Tim for people watching. We are there through Monday and i have to say, i am rather excited to be spending my birthday in Vegas.
if you are in Vegas that weekend as well, i will be working at the Boot Barn Booth on Sunday at the convention center.

i'm ready to get the house cleaned up and decorated for christmas.