Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the neighborhood.

went for a walk tonight in shorts and a tee shirt.

boy am i popular.

clearly big butt, big thighs and big boobs are all you need...

in a primarily Mexican neighborhood.


we visited the Natural History Museum last weekend. One of my absolute favorite areas to go is the Gem and Mineral Hall. i guess you would call it a hall... i don't know what else you would call it.

anyway, i love petrified wood and things like geodes. yes i even have a shitty rock collection at home, probably wrapped up in a box.

i found this on Esty.com to day. my heart swoons.

company picnic

i just received my official invite for the summer company picnic.

it starts out by proclaiming: FOOD, SUN, AND lots n' lots of FUN!

"The park offers large grassy areas, a large pond with pedal boats [for a fee], lengthy sidewalks, basketball courts, a huge playground, and volleyball nets. Fishing is aloud. Some equipment will be provided but feel free to bring your own "toys" if you wish. Bring plenty of sunblock."

Boy! Gee whiz! a park with grass and lengthy sidewalks! what are we waiting for?

"toys" I'm going to assume we are referring to fishing gear in the sentence.

cant wait.

Monday, June 29, 2009

really amazing. high on my list of impressive things from the internet today.

Super Great Excellent Saturday Time (or, Experimenting With Google Translator)

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this is such a weird title. really it should be SUPER DUPER COOL PENCIL CARVING SCULPTURES. in caps. just like that.

break up

i walked away from Derby yesterday.

i can still drop in on the rec. league practices. for 2 reasons i will probably do this: 1. if everything suddenly stops hurting, i will know and can decided to return to regular derby. and 2. to remind my self just how much it hurts to skate.

i am sad.

i also think i will have time to make a pie and organize my recipes this week. maybe i will get really crazy and clean out the car too.

Friday, June 26, 2009

growing up

at 25 1/2 i have no idea what i want out of life.

i know that i want to live the kind of life that i can look back at and be happy what i achieved and have lots of good stories to tell.

there are a lot of places i want to go and things i want to do. the question is: how many of them are realistically achievable? how many are worth trying for- even if you fail. which ones are fantasy, that sound fun, but will probably not ever even be attempted? and how do you decided with direction to go?

i, of course, always pick expensive, time consuming hobbies.

i want to travel. i want to see everything.
Belarus is currently towards the top of the list, as well and Argentina, New Zealand, and japan.
i still haven't been to Carlsbad or Vancouver or San Francisco.

i think it would be fun to keep bees.

i want to live in a cottage.
i want to live near Taos.

i want to be in business for something kookie. designing fabric. making soap. something crafty.

i want to not work a desk job forever. because i hate it. essentially i am doing what i set out to do. i am designing children's cloths, and fabrics, and screen prints. fun right? well, except for the part where i am inside at a desk all day. ulg.
i don't like restricting hours.
maybe i can have a business doing stationary and planning tea parties? i don't know anyone who has ever actually made money at that.
somehow Tim and i both want the kind of job that involves no one making any money. we don't have to be rich, but i like to be comfortable.

i have a habit of staying in things for too long. i have that sheer determination that if i just stick with it for long enough it will all work out.
yet somehow i don't seem to have that determination in a positive setting.

on that matter: my roller derby may soon be at an end. i hurt when i skate. i can feel every old injury. my knees are bad. my feet still hurt. my back doesn't feel right if i get hit just so.
but i want to be a full out hard hitting, ass kicking roller girl. my body thinks its a terrible idea. i know that i can say i tryed. and that i did what i could to fix things, BUT... i have this deep seated idea in my head that if i just keep pushing through one day the sun will shine and the birds will sing and everything will be great. annnd maybe i will convince my self that its not getting better, i tryed and its not going to work, but that is ok.

what direction do i go now?


We lost both Farah Fawcett [62]- an original Angle, and Michael Jackson [50] yesterday.
Farah was battling advanced cancer, and MJ...well we haven't heard yet. he was taken to the hospital because he was found not breathing.

Monday, June 22, 2009


it was a weird weekend. we got NOTHING done.
First of all Tim has been working nights. or at least he was last week- so his sleeping schedule is off.
Friday we headed to a new neighborhood favorite Tacabe for dinner with our friend Nate. Tacabe calls it's self "an American Indian eatery." it is kind of chipotle style. only they do fry bread tacos and pizza as well as nachos. they have delicious good fresh things to go on said, fry bread- including pasole. this restaurant is all about being good for the environment. everything is recycled and the cups and silverware are biodegradable. [i guess that makes it less "silverware" and more "cornstarch wear."
then we headed to another friends house for a party. it was a good time of trying Absinthe and playing flux/munchkin. Geeks Ahoy!
Tim went back to work and i didn't get to bed until after 2am. this is not normal for me. i am not a night person.
i slept in Saturday. and Tim got in bed at 10am. i have no idea what else happened, except i was soar from push ups on Thursday and i had to go to the store to get actual gluten free pizza crust. preceded to nothing around the house and headed to Derby at 5.
things didn't get started until 7:30, so as usual there was a lot of sitting around, wondering why we were there so early. I played in the half time scrimmage. it was bittersweet, as my ankles decided that they DID NOT want o skate. looking back at photos i can see that i am looking down in a lot of them. bad bad bad. trying to get back in the swing of the game.
it was another late night.
Sunday was Father's Day adventures downtown for lunch and then to the Rockie's game. we sat i the rock pile. it was hot. i think they won. i don't know, we were so far away it was hard to concentrate on the game.
i sit here Monday morning, exhausted. with a list of errands running through my head.. all the weekend house things that didn't get done. hopefully the Mr. is doing a load of laundry this morning. and if I'm really lucky he will vacuum the furniture. you would think we had a wookie living with us, the amount of hair floating around the house.

Next weekend: history museum- i hope, pride paraide

official scrimmage

Saturday night was my first official public scrimmage.
it was fun, but short. only played at half time. my feet are still hurting and my lungs are not happy. working at it though...

i am in the matte red helmet. can you see what i am doing wrong? i am looking down. BAD.
some how i ended up with the most deep cut tank...
this is pretty much the whole team. we are missing a few girls. but not too many. i am to the left of the woman in the light blue helmet, toward the bottom left of the photo.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

poor choices

i hate when salads come with croutons or wantons or anything of that stuff already on top if the salad. i can clearly see them breaking apart getting their little glutenous bits all over everything.
there are 7 lunch options- i can eat 2 that have not visibly been contaminated.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Return to Derby

I returned to Derby last night.
i have been out a good 3 weeks. and doing poorly the 3 or 4 weeks prior to that.

my main problem has been foot pain, and ankle cramping. the ankle cramping due largely to my skates being too big.
i got new skates, and went to the foot dr. i have been doing rehab exercises to build up strength in my tendons and ligaments and other small important muscles. for whatever reason skating brings out all my weaknesses. Really- probably, the reason above all others to keep skating.

so last night: my ankles didn't hurt!
my_____ did hurt: bottoms of my feet, knees and Left thigh. i think the feet thing was more of a wrong sock kind of deal. my knees are bad and i fell hard and wrong again. keep catching my toe stops on the floor when i don't want to. and my thigh? felt like i was straining an old injury.
the new skates are stiff.. caused some blistering and my Achilles to hurt and for a bump.
iced everything.
NEW SKATES: are definitely faster. omg. better bearings, and everything is clean. feel lighter. need to hammer out the backs to soften them up. and get a skate tool so i can switch out my wheels.
might sell my old skates to another girl- but now don't know what to do about wheels. i want to keep all the wheels i have, so i will have an outside pair. but feel bad selling someone a pair of wheel less skates.

going to play in a scrimmage Saturday. didn't invite anyone because A. didnt know if i was playing. B. they insist that everyone ride the paty bus at $25 a head and C. i'm only play in the half time scrimmage for 1/2 and hr.

Maybe one day i will be a real roller girl.

Monday, June 08, 2009

best thing ever

ch. 7 is calling yesterday's tornado, "tornado outbreak!"

neighborhood kids.

we have a group of neighbor kids, who spend a majority of their evenings riding their bikes up and down the street.
they like to come over and talk to us sometimes when we are working in the front yard.

recently they have decided that NO. means "Why yes! absolutely go in the back yard while were not home, jump on the trampoline, look in the garage window and lie to Bob." i have "caught" them on the tramp. twice in 2 days. and by caught i mean that the gate is open and there are small foot prints all over the trampoline.
These kids range in age from 11 to 4. the 11 yr old knows darn well what they are doing, and should not be. Every time they ask to do something, and i tell them no, i get "but that's not fair..."
no it is fair. you pay my house insurance and we'll talk.
Two things bother me than anything else: deliberately doing things after they have been asked not to, and the fact that i have never ONCE seen their parents outside.

what do we do? the kids are clearly board out of their minds. and who know what their relationship with their parents is.
Bob will call the cops on them the next time he catches them in our yard when we are not home.

We don't think this is a battle we will win with fear.
But how do we get through to these kids that we will respect them, if they respect us? as they do not seem to understand personal boundaries. [found out they are the ones pealing off our bumper stickers.] they arnt nice kids either. among many other things- Tim is an "assmuncher."
We would like to be the better role models in these kids lives- and not another grouchy set of people who just yell at them.