Wednesday, October 22, 2008

growing up

i'm going to blame society. because we all know that its important to put the blame on something- anything as long as its not yourself and society is nice and big a vague.

you send the first 20 some odd years with a direct path to follow. you will go to school. you will pick a college, and a major [theoretically], the goal from there is to get a job in your chosen field.

check, check and check. Ok. Great, now what?

fall in love, get married, find a home, get a pet, have some kids.

check, check, check, check and.... wait, were not ready for kids yet.

ok. so now i'm 25 [almost] i have a job- but i'm board..and now what. now there is a mind boggling amount of unplanned vastness in my future and i don't have the damdest idea what i want.
i'm tired of my job. its a terrible time to change jobs- overall economy wise. i'm worried and afraid of everything from foreclosure to the lawn never being weed free. i feel like i don't have nearly enough time in the day to do remotely everything i want to do and feel that work takes up way too much time, when i could being doing something enjoyable.


talking about things helps- but also getting things written down makes a big difference too. things are a lot less scary when they stop swimming around in your head.

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