Sunday, June 01, 2008

the weekend

so friday Tim and i both leave work early, so we can head up to Loveland. 2 of my cousins [2nd] are graduating from high school and college. their dad is from a Lebanese family [based out of nebraska]- so they had things like lamp kebabs and home made baklava. etc. tim and i ended up at a table, that originally had my dad at it. he was filling me in on the recent tornado that swept kearney and minden [basically danced around a bunch of our relatives houses. when my parents left, we were left at a table with my 2nd cousin's family on their dads side, who was talking to us about my dad's sister's husbands family [who also lives in Minden.]
we exited. and made a run for Ft. Fun to visit Nate.
Nate is still living in a house with some guys. but its a nicer house and apparently he doesn't hate his roommates with a burning passion. there was a new guy moving in. apparently he was one of the responders to a craigs list roommate add that stated that their house was now Vampire free. he looked presently geeky.
since Ft. fun is blessed with a Pizza Street, we introduced Nate to the buffalo chicken ranch pizza and got the down low on what happened to the Pizza Street that previously shared the parking lot with our grocery store.[ apparently the guy running it was a loser who didn't advertise- even when giving promotional material. then one day called to say he would be away for a while. and they haven't heard from him since.]

saturday we preceded with our plan to go hiking every weekend, working our way up to more and more hardcore hikes. we are still on pretty easy- but maybe thats a good thing.

watched Juno while we were Katie sitting. the dialog was great.

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