Tuesday, September 23, 2008

scooter bragade

i would like to join a scooter club.

it seems like it would be nice to know other scooterest in some way other than through the internet.
Sadly, Denver is just not a scootering "hot spot."

i would like to get to know vintage riders and stella riders. i am not interested in Honda 50cc, buddy's, peoples etc.

i don't have a cool name. i don't have a cool logo [those, as always, are top priority.] But it would be nice to get together with other people that ride once a month or so.

yes the local scooter shops have events sometimes. I am always out of town, don't know until too late, don't know anyone, forget etc. But i would like a riding buddy or few every so often. and a special club sticker that doesn't make me a total poser.

i'm not a hard core hobbyist with money to burn. i would just like to know some other people in town.

i met a guy in the Target parking lot a few weeks ago. said he lives in Edgewater, has the same scoot as me. said he also rarely sees anyone on a modern vespa in that area. He is not on Modern Vespa. his name was Rob. [i think] i will prolly never see him again. too bad.

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