Thursday, May 28, 2009


i haven't posted much in a while. i have a camera full of pictures that i keep meaning to put here and thus holding off on posting.

went to the foot Dr. the other day. he gave me exercises to do to make my feet stop hurting when i skate. so for now the derby career is on hold while i try to strengthen up. thinking about it, all the exercises i was given, are things i was doing before i started skating- when only my ankles were hurting [presumably due to my skates being too big.]
maybe one day i will be a real roller girl!

then we went to Kansas. really it was a pretty good trip. Tim and his mom and i drove out together. stopping along the way to do all the road side attractions. this was the perfect time to visit Kansas. Everything was lush and green. i didn't see the flat part of Kansas until we got half way across the state. the rest however, is beautiful rolling hills. we spent 13hrs one day meeting and greeting crazy relatives in their HOT houses. and the rest of the time recovering from that.
at least 2 family members got Black Mold spores in their lungs- and I'm hoping what i have today is allergies and not BM.

i feel good this week. we got out of town. I'm not worried about skating. i can focus on something i can do at home. i can work on the yard and getting the house shaped up. its almost like a real summer vacation- except for the being in an office in a windowless warehouse all day.

its time to think about camping, bonfires, ren fest and farmers markets. YEA.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

anxiety attacks.

i get myself in such a tizzy sometimes. well, more like anxiety attacks that last for days.
i have been kind of , not right for a while now. have been making various changes as i go, but i still wonder if some of it might be sleep apnea.
anyway, i get all wound up and it completely destroys everything going on for me. i have a hard time letting go and gettign past it. and quite often i don't know why I'm so mad, and am perfectly aware that its stupid.

i have traveled. i know that in pretty much all aspects of life i have nothing to be unhappy about.
i'm wildly in love with my husband.
we are happy.
we have a house.
no debt.
a garden.
i can aford a car and a scooter.
we both have decent jobs.
i have a degree and am working in the field of which that degree is.
i have health insurance.
i am -we are both fairly healthy- with the exception of more recent hickups, and trying to sort that crap out.
we both get along with our parents. and love our familys.
we can choose to do activities- for me this is soccer and derby. and an art class last semester.
we have friends we see periodically.
we live fairly comfertably.
etc. etc.

so why why why, can i not just have fun and enjoy the ride? why do i have to i have to freak that i'm not progressing in my job or derby as quickly as i think i should? or anything else? and once i'm freaked everything that has ever annoyed me is sudenly a big ass deal, instead of just a side bar even that doesnt matter.

maybe i will sleep tonight.

Friday, May 15, 2009


yet again, too much going on this weekend. how does this happen? i have things i need to do as well as the ones i want to do. and i need more than 2 days.


my deodorant clames to make me feel "fresh" and "invigorated." when was the last time your deodorant made you feel invigorated?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


man.. WTF.

i ask questions, and get half answers. why is everything a secret. jeezes.

if your gonna ask us to promote the friends and family weekends. you should also fucking tell us that we wont be playing- like usual- since we haven't passed the skills test.
and lets not even get into that politics rant.
silly me to think, that, because we usually play sundays, as long as we have met attendance requirements- that F&F scrimmages would be the same deal.


got a "totally looks like" selected!*

*yes. i know it was designed to look like a penguin. i was just hoping to get one in.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

done done done done done...

done with school!

well, that was short lived. 1 class and 1 semester.

prolly would have gone better had Derby not happened. Oh well just following the path to see where i end up.

i love this

best thing i have seen all day. check it.

lcl 6

red shoes, red pants, red shirt, red hat, red & black purse, black/red/gold printed jacket.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


i saw a girl on the bus wearing a rosery like it was bling. w?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


i have pictures of the yard renovation- just not here. not yet.
we got sod and working sprinklers last weekend.
i planted some birthday shrubs last night. i hope to fill in with some creeping petunias to keep things stabilized this summer, until we can afford more plants. and mulch.
getting ready to plant the back vegetable garden as well.
hope to get the cloths line up in the back. not running your dryer is supposed to seriously reduce your electricity bill and be better for your cloths.
i am excited to FINALLY get the garden growing. you really cant start much earlier in Colorado, unless you want to start seeds inside.

one of my all time favorite places to visit in Denver is the Rocky Mt. Seed Co. i am glad to hear they are making a comeback with the renewed interest in backyard farming.

we have come to a sad conclusion recently. if we want to regularly have fire, we need to invest in a fire starter. there was one time, with the perfect selection of kindling and someone who is good at starting fires- that we got one to go with ease. otherwise we spend 3 hrs just trying to get the thing to stay lit and use an entire x-mas tree.
but it also means, we will enjoy having a fire once a week.

our cats like to play with cords- which we highly discourage, except for one. Tim's old laptop cord has an attached piece of velcro for keeping the cord bundled- our cat Kabuki, like to clean this piece of velcro so lovingly, that we just cant take it away from her.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

from around the yard

photos taken at the end of april. i cant believe how big the rhubarb is, and that the swiss chard over wintered.