Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a gusty gale

hum.. A Gusty Gale...should be a kids book.

well its windy. winds clocked at 97 mph along the front range. my large wooden gate was torn off its hinges this morning.
[this is a pic. from the news web site. tumble weeds taking over the front of a house in Erie this morning.]

power was out at work for over an hr. and snapped power cables in the road by work.

also one of my tiers is low again. not the one from a couple days ago, but the one from a couple months ago. gonna take it in after work tonight and have them looked at.

heading to Flogging Molly tonight. i have never seen them in concert. its supposed to be GREAT. i haven't been to a concert in forever... that reminds me- find ear plugs.

Friday after xmas Mr. T and I went to look at TVs and vacuums. my old vacuum kicked it xmas eve, and we have been talking about upgrading our TV, as i no longer enjoy going to the movies. we are investing in larger picture, much better sound and picture.

friday night we had people over for Drink the Beer! the giant bottle didnt actually go as far as we thought it would, but others brought snacks and more beer. funn was had, and a few people ended up totally waisted. i am also hoping that some of the "fun" helps fertalize the front yard, rather than killing it further.

Saturday, we found an open caption version of Slumdog Millionare playing. i hate to bitch [ok, no i dont] but, seriously, if your going to bother showing somethign with captions, MAYBE they should not be hardly visible transparent white. grr.

Sunday we made an "early" [10am] run to the Natural History Museum. the dinosour exhibbet is leaving jan. 4th. We saw half of it several weeks ago, before the crowd was overwhelming- and went back to see the end. there is also a great photography show of Ice. we looked for gnomes, but didnt find any before museum fatigue set in.

monday was drive in car/hot springs/ eat food day. we were totally whiped out- and we pretty much only did those 3 things, all day. apparently some relitives were planning to go snowshoeing today. i hape they have vietoed that idea for something less...windy.
the boys had a rambungtchious game of Kobalds Ate My Baby, whle M and I watched finding neverland and passed out on the couch.

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