Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So, i got Kabuki last night.

She is happy and purring and eating and exploring. she has not been introduced to the other cats yet, but is desperate to explore the rest of the house.

little orange kitten didn't come home with us. we got to the shelter and he had an upper respiratory infection, so we left him there to be treated. hopefully we will be able to bring him home in 10 days or so.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


YEA! i'm getting Kitties for my bday!

...yes.. you heard right... plural kitties...

we have now crossed, very quickly over the boundary from "people with a cat or 2" to "crazy cat people."

see... we have looked at a lot of kittens in the past week, [and ill tell you i was not impressed with Dumb Friends League] and I found a place called the Rocky Mt. Alley Cat Alliance. these people work to spay/neuter stray cats. some are release back and some are kept, rehabilitated and adopted out to loving family's.
you can go by the main office- which unfortunately, most of the kittens were in quarantine for 2 weeks, to get re-tested for feline leukemia. I really did not want to fall in love, and wait for a kitten, only to lean that it was sick. how ever, they also had other cats at a local pet boutique.
there we found 2 yr old all black girl. and a 10 week old orange kitten. - there were also at least 2 other cats that we loved.. but Jesus, we just cant take 4.
so we are waiting for our adoption papers to go through, and hopefully we will have 2 new kitties to add the the bunch.

Friday, November 21, 2008

color coordinating

many days on my way to work i see this little old Asian woman walking up The Hill. and every day shoe has a different, completely color coordinated head to toe outfit.
i have been meaning to keep track of what she wears for a while now. i post now, what she was wearing today, and we'll see if i ever post about it again.

today: tan sherling hat, tan purse, tan pants, brown fur jacket- and i didn't see her shoes.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

get me the fuck out of here, or give me somethign to do.

man, nothing riles me up like being left out.

its not that i expect to know everything- but i feel that myself and others should get some credit where its due.

also, don't tell me that your swamped with work- but don't want any help, only to complain later that your swamped and that no one is offering to help, when clearly they aren't doing anything.

and don't act like I'm "growing" and that my presence is "valued" when you don't intend to show me that in anyway. don't make false promises to me. don't tell me I'm "moving up" and then take away all responsibility.

i am on my knees, begging for projects, involvement, learning and responsibility. i get a smile and a pat on the back in return.

i wonder if i'll make it through the holidays before they let me go. nothing builds resentment and dis trust like ignoring someone.
if they're doing something wrong, sit them down, and set it strait. if they're doing a good job, then reward them.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"advanced people skills a must"

when looking at job requirements, what does the phrase: "Advanced people skills a must" mean?

based on experience, i would say it means dealing with bitchy, difficult people. maybe my experience is just full of bitchy difficult people. i dont know.


I was watching Globe Trekker on PBS the other night. This is one of my all time favorite travel shows. usually the young people have a rout they are going to take- off the beaten path- with some sleeping arrangements made ahead of time. they carrie their own bag, have a set amount of money [i presume] and maybe a bicycle, or use the public transport.
last week they went to Peru, to some festival or another at the top of the Andies. [this is where i'm too lazy to check google, and hope to god that what poped into my head is the correct mt. range, on the correct content.] Like most festivals there was dancing and music, etc. what was really intresting though, was the masks worn instead of paint. they look very simalar to the freaky clown mask i posted a few entries down. in that setting, not trying to be clowns, and in all seriousness, the maskes were very intresting.
this new insite, does not, infact, make the knitted clown mask below any less terrifying.

Friday, November 07, 2008


there are days when i am terribly disappointed in the world.

this morning is one of them.

no one has made a Ric-Rac font. so very sad.

on the plus side, i did find a font called "faeries wear boots"

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


this may be the scariest thing i have EVER seen.


Monday, November 03, 2008

holly shit, its November already

is it wrong to think, in this day and age, that "Meriwether" is a good name for a child?

i was behind a truck today, whose badges stated that it was the "big horn edition."