Monday, October 27, 2008


We went to the Obama Rally Sunday morning. they said 25,000 were expected. later reports were saying more like 100,000 people attended.
we couldn't see anything. when Obama came on, some people had shifted- Tim said he could see him occasionally... the same way you can see a friend across a football stadium- tiny stick figure blob mostly. He came on an hour late. i couldn't really hear him. i heard "change" and a couple other words occasionally. but that's it.

Still, we were there.

afterwords we bee lined to Pints Pub for some warming up and beer. we beat the rush, and both ordered things that needed nothing more than warming up.

admittedly it was not a terribly productive day. thought i got to see High School Musical III. it was ...not worth the $8- but i would have watched it on TV.

Tim was saved by having people over to watch a movie about Wear Sheep. yea. he was happy.

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