Wednesday, July 30, 2008


so for once Oz isn't that cause of all trouble and commotion.
Falkor has taken to following him around the house, getting within a few feet of Oz and freaking that fuck out. hissing snarling and batting.

poor Oz has been moping around the house, trying to be at your side and be petted. he is tired of being inside, and not happy about the plastic collar or the "wound drains" coming out of his cheek.

Monday, July 28, 2008


so were in the vet. and Ozzy is being a surprisingly good boy, while getting a thermometer shoved up his rectum. then he starts purring.


we have always suspected, but now we know.

i other exciting news, Ozzy now ha 2 drainage tubes coming out of his face. he is quarantined to the bathroom.

Monday, July 21, 2008

today i

to day i had:

a woman ring my doorbell so i could tell her about my scooter.

a black Lincoln with tinted windows pull up next to me at a light. the window went down, and a very large black man with a gold tooth said, "Baby you look fine up on that thing." all i could say was "thank you." he laughed and the window went up.

today i:

talked to my sister in law about her wedding dress and what shoes she should wear. she has some running ideas that are so totally wonderful and her.

today i went:

to the dr.
looks like i have a bad sinus infection/broncitus kinda thign. go go antibiotics!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

*clap clap*

holly shit.
Fraggle Rock the movie has been announced for 2009!! the ral question is, will it be as good as the tv series?
with out Jim Henson's magical touch, the later movies have been on a downhill slide.

the original Fraggle Rock was designed to bring about world peace. I'm pretty sure that only Jim Henson was capable of not only dreaming and designing a show to bring about world peace, but actually selling it to producers.