Monday, April 28, 2008


yup.. well kinda... we have a bunch of stuff at the apt. still. mostly because we actually want to put things away as we go. scary, i know.

cats are doing ok. Ozzy came back after the first night.... didn't come back this morning though. hes gonna be a hungry kitty tonight.

Were building book shelves!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

o... things....

Were getting a house!

We haven't post much about this, for several reasons. [for 1. i'm up to my wazoo in work crap.]

it started with a thought. we have some friends who were talking about buying. I have been thinking that we did not have enough money saved up for a down payment and that it would be a year or more before we could afford to own our own home.
most little girls dream of a white wedding and so forth. me, i'v always wanted home ownership. i love house magazines and cannot wait to have a house of my own.

so we sat down, we talked about it. talked to the bank, opened a high yield savings account and started surfing the remax web site. we looked, we discussed, etc, etc... got ourselves a realitor [who i recommend to anyone else who's looking], saw some houses that were.. well, ask us, it involves crack, and some houses that were ok. and oddly enough the first one we looked at was the best of the bunch.

apparently 1. all of the metro area is a "declining market" which means you need an 85 down. 2. the roof is great, the garage is crap. 3. get your inspection done on a rainie day, then you know if there are leaks.

so anyway, we are rolling right long. we've got our sellers agreed to everything, bank approval and inspection is done. right now we are just waiting to close. [april 25.]

we really are VERY VERY VERY excited.

...and thats what weve been up to. more or less.