Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Americas got talent.
horrible show. we've cought bits and pieces of it this season. mostly horrible acts trying to make it big. but there is some actual talent mingled in there.

to night was the finally. 1 million dollars and a stint in Veges. as we all know by now and one in the top 5 will get a carrier out of it. or at least an initial contract.

i watched. i cried. cried through the whole thing. as cheese as it is, these people are living their dream. a chance in a million life times.

prolly in a month or 2 they will be less humble. prolly some diva will set in. but for those few moments cought on tape they are in total aw of what is happening to their life.

the top 2 guys are both great. both seem like the nice guys who are just trying to "make it." people you would want to be friends with.

congratulations to everyone out there who have ever made their dream come true.

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