Thursday, June 12, 2008

o if only we could visit

as a small child i loved sesame street and reading rainbow... hell what am i kidding. i still love them.

when i was little i wanted very much to be on sesame street. i knew it was fictional, but i thought it was something you could do if you were a kid in NYC. That if you were visiting you could go and be in a skit... like counting.. or something.

this morning i happened to catch Reading rainbow.... it was one of my favorite episodes.. about claymation and how macys day parade balloons get made. they showed a Snoopy balloon go from idea to finish in the parade. it was the 1987 parade... yeah. that episode is now old enough to drink. at the end the show always did kids talking about their favorite book. i always wanted to do that too, not knowing that these are prolly child actors.
now i wonder where those kids are now. i'v never seen a IMDB listing showing some one as a child book reader on the show.
apparently they were making new episodes until 2005. though the last few "seasons" seem to span 3 years or so. the last real season was 1998 and it only had 5 episodes.

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