Friday, December 26, 2008

xmas 08

first of all, Happy Christmas everyone...

we had a great whirl wind [kitty is helping me type and im too lazy to correct]
xmas. it didnt really feel like xmas this yr. maybe because my parents went here, and thing we re a little bit different.
xmas eve- tried to clean the house [it needed it], and the vacuum killed th epower, and officially died. we had C over for dinner of steaks, mash potatos, sesame green beans, figs stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in purchuttio, and apples baked in sparkling cuder, stuffed with walnuts, dried cherries and mince meat, served with ice cream.
many friends join ed us later in the evening after attending family dinners and partys. beer was drunk, cross bows and catapults was played, and a number of out of town people were greated back for the holidays.

i have a tree, of course, tim and i did a small few presents this yr. on xmas am. tim got a panda key chain flashlight, a chain scarf. and i got a neck warmer, grocery bag, camera case [now i just need the camera for it.] and roller skates.
we re opened a box from last xmas that had stocking stuff in it. our apt. was so small i didnt know what to do with any thing, so i just boxed it up, thinknig we would look at it when we moved.

we made an airport run to pick up M & M, delived them safely to tims mom, and ran home to get food together. fortunatly tims brother AP had generiously offered to hoast xmas- so we were all bringing dishes to contribute to the GIGANTIC meal that was served. i cant wait to eat stuffing and mas potatos for breakfast this morning.
we got a family wii. mom and dad will keep it at their house and loan it out for the occasional party, and we will go over there to play it and hang out. very fun.

today we have people comming over to help drink this gigantic beer.

this post was going to be about things not to put in the micro wave. maybe later...

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