Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i....have to share this with you...

Sleek Cat Hideaway

446I love functional design. And I love it when people love their pets so much that they decorate with them in mind.

The cats I've owned have always appreciated a snug hide-away. They've made holes so that they could sleep in the bottom of my box spring, climbed into a washing machine full of dirty clothes, and made a nest on my computer keyboard.

This under-chair cat hide-away is the perfect example of beautiful, functional, cat-inspired design. It was made by Gabriel Sierra of San Juan. You can see more of his work at Designboom.

Monday, October 27, 2008


We went to the Obama Rally Sunday morning. they said 25,000 were expected. later reports were saying more like 100,000 people attended.
we couldn't see anything. when Obama came on, some people had shifted- Tim said he could see him occasionally... the same way you can see a friend across a football stadium- tiny stick figure blob mostly. He came on an hour late. i couldn't really hear him. i heard "change" and a couple other words occasionally. but that's it.

Still, we were there.

afterwords we bee lined to Pints Pub for some warming up and beer. we beat the rush, and both ordered things that needed nothing more than warming up.

admittedly it was not a terribly productive day. thought i got to see High School Musical III. it was ...not worth the $8- but i would have watched it on TV.

Tim was saved by having people over to watch a movie about Wear Sheep. yea. he was happy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

growing up

i'm going to blame society. because we all know that its important to put the blame on something- anything as long as its not yourself and society is nice and big a vague.

you send the first 20 some odd years with a direct path to follow. you will go to school. you will pick a college, and a major [theoretically], the goal from there is to get a job in your chosen field.

check, check and check. Ok. Great, now what?

fall in love, get married, find a home, get a pet, have some kids.

check, check, check, check and.... wait, were not ready for kids yet.

ok. so now i'm 25 [almost] i have a job- but i'm board..and now what. now there is a mind boggling amount of unplanned vastness in my future and i don't have the damdest idea what i want.
i'm tired of my job. its a terrible time to change jobs- overall economy wise. i'm worried and afraid of everything from foreclosure to the lawn never being weed free. i feel like i don't have nearly enough time in the day to do remotely everything i want to do and feel that work takes up way too much time, when i could being doing something enjoyable.


talking about things helps- but also getting things written down makes a big difference too. things are a lot less scary when they stop swimming around in your head.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

soap box derby!? i F***ing LOVE soap box derbys!!11! PoniEs!

could be fun


Friday, October 10, 2008

there is a discount bible shop that drive by on Federal. it now has an inflatable bible as part of it signage


i found my self wondering, this morning, "does Chucky Cheese serve alcohol?"

apparently they do. beer, wine- sadly no mixed drinks.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


so i says, "fine, show me sexy tiger paw."

he was actually very knowledgeable about the difference of sexy and not sexy tiger paw.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Americas got talent.
horrible show. we've cought bits and pieces of it this season. mostly horrible acts trying to make it big. but there is some actual talent mingled in there.

to night was the finally. 1 million dollars and a stint in Veges. as we all know by now and one in the top 5 will get a carrier out of it. or at least an initial contract.

i watched. i cried. cried through the whole thing. as cheese as it is, these people are living their dream. a chance in a million life times.

prolly in a month or 2 they will be less humble. prolly some diva will set in. but for those few moments cought on tape they are in total aw of what is happening to their life.

the top 2 guys are both great. both seem like the nice guys who are just trying to "make it." people you would want to be friends with.

congratulations to everyone out there who have ever made their dream come true.