Friday, April 27, 2007

Oooooow... SPICY!


we are attempting to re-create "hot pot" as had in Chengdu. we have all the needed ingredients, and no recipe. So we're winging it!

Let us know if you are interested in having a good time and some hot food, Saturday night.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

all things moving forward.

curiosity really does kill the cat.
morbid curiosity really.

long story short. things ended, i moved forward with my life. i assumed he moved on with his. suddenly he was back in my life. we have preceded to be friends. hung out regularly for a while, but that oo has fallen by the way side, between travel and other plans. not on purpose. it just has. this has happened with other firends too. everyone is busy in their own lives.

so tonight i read his blog. he is finally the person i knew he could be. the one that i saw sometimes that was trying to get out. now hes there. making friends, gaining back into old social groups. doing things by him self, going to events.

I am happy for him. hes a good person. even though i have moved forward. in ways i know have absolutely crushed him. he is still putting his best foot forward. I am happy where i am now and who i'm with and where my life is going. but still as i read, there is a pang of jealousy. mainly because hes doing thins now that he wouldn't do with me and flat out refused. and also there is some deep seated anger, that even though i have forgiven him, i am still angry about.[logically he is forgiven, emotionally, it still hurts.] things you could call small things, but that spoke loudly, and even now still hurt horribly.

Sunday, April 22, 2007




its a little bigger than my current one. wood floors. an attic and a secret passage!so end of may we are both relocating to north denver.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


so.. the sickness that has apparently been going arround the office is now here. that right folks i may very well have another round of strep. i'm going to the dr. tommorrow.
I got to leave work ealry, good generaly, but it was going to be a good week. company meeting, nice lunch out, and a visite to the screen printers and another lunch out. a soccer game... good stuff, you know.

hopefully its just a head cold and i can go to work tommorw...

today is also tim's surgery. thats right folks, he will now have a bullet proof groin.

i was going to go hang out w/ him today, but i do not want to get him sick as well, or katy for that matter.

my lawn needs to be mowed.

i watched running w/ sissors this afternoon... [ok i started it at like, 11:30am], very good. glad i finally got to see it. didnt seem to get much press when it came out and went through the theaters quick. also finally saw a preview for half nelson. i tink i will have to see that as well.

so sad, i was looking forward to seeing the boy this afternoon... but that has been squashed. after a nice weekend of sitting arround i was lookngiforward to a busy week. today i could concevibly get something done.. but my head is a bit fuzzy and i cant think of anything i have been wanting to do.

Monday, April 09, 2007


chocheesecake in bed.
cho. bunnies.
inflatable monkey
apples to apples

Thursday, April 05, 2007


HISTORICAL ZOMBIE FICTION! how could not want to wrte a short story for that?

ok, i prolly wont, but i know some one else who will.

i went grocery shopping today. i was out of paper towles, tp, ramen, mac n cheese, etc... it dosnt matter that ihave the ingrediants for shrimp scampi w/ grilled asperigus in my friedg, that will not get me through the general week.
so right now this very moment i am boiling eggs to put in spicy pickle juice, and making mac n cheese. why? well i like pickled eggs.. and mac n chees sounds reallly good even though im not hungrey. prolly 3 bites tonight and the rest for breakfast.

i sohuld be in bed... but i didnt really get home untill 8 and i hate getting home and then going to bed and then going to work again in the morning.
i am picky aobut my appartment and soforth, because i want to enjoy being home. and i do. im just not here nearly enough. sadly i have to move again in june. several reasons. so tim and i are on the hunt for a new "perfect place."
hopefully we will find it. becuase i hate settling. maybe its because i'm an only child and usualy get what i want, and maybe its because i'm picky. but really if i'm going to pay good money to live somewhere i want to rally enjoy it. because i like being home.
eaither way. it will be happy. i will have a boy to kiss good night every night of the week, and he can stop having to decided between the kitten and me. now i just need to get kitten to stop trying to sleep on my head.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

silly e-mail

silly e-mail.
it is so easy to morph a perfectly well intended question into A. something that was not at all down the road you wanted to go and /or B. make the entire qusetion come out entirly wrong to begin with.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

in general news

i havent blogged hardly at all since we returned form china.
i dont know why, i just havent had much tosay. which is odd considering all the stuff thats been going on. but yeah.
have been shopping, working, party planning, figuring out how to pay for said party, house hold chores and etc.
outdoor soccer started. i am down to 1 team, its jsut expensive, and i'm paying for alot of things this yr. always up for more free physical activitys if anyones intrested. tennis or running, or anything really. i cant throw worth a darn, but i'll try.

mowed the lawn today.
i should sort laundry, we will see if i will.