Monday, May 24, 2010

i have so many pictures to get off my camera. tim w/ hair. the peep party and so forth. want a clean camera before we head out camping this weekend.

headed on another epic camping adventure this weekend. sadly it looks like it will only be Tim, Boog and i on this trip. I'm a bit worried because the 3 people combination was how we ended up on the most epic camping adventure ever, last year.

the place it really beautiful, i wish a few more people could join us.

it wouldent be a blog post if it wasnt about the weekend.

i can barely sit up on my own this morning. sooo tired.

got something like 140 plants planted this weekend- and i didn't even weed the back garden or get seeds in. or mow the lawn.

i did get the car washed, waxed and cleaned out.
we did help tim's dad w/ mulch
watched some fun movies [leagaly blond, Sherlock holmes, princes diaries & julie/julia
went out for drinks with friends
went to a high school graduation. [congrats to the grads this yr.: michelle, molly, medora, cecil and amy.]
and some how didn't sleep nearly enough.

also, i don't blog about the week much because i am afraid that it would end up an endless tirade about my job. my job is alright. it could certainly be worse. it could be better. but its easy to start bitching and never stop. people are nuts [in a bad way], and i try to not let it completely dominate my life.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

a non weekend update.

recently, it seems, i only update with a run down of the weekend. mostly, i think this is related to the fact that our week is fairly scheduled.
most of the time things are good.
Tuesdays are game night and banjo lessons.
Wednesdays are kickball
and Monday and Thursdays are figuring out groceries or what ever.

in kickball this week, it was theme night. we went as ninja turtles and lost to the care bares. clearly the Care Bear Stare really does trump all.

Tuesday we hosted D&D and had mac n' cheese.

we also started watching season 1 of Mad Men. apparently Angel's son is just an asshole- or at least no one will cast him as anything else.

tomorrow i am headed to the high school graduation of a childhood friend. she's headed to CU at Co. Springs in the fall.

now, hopefully the meeting that was supposed to happen in my office an hour ago, will happen soon, so i can go home.

Monday, May 17, 2010

a weekend not full of bad movies

we only watched 2 movies this weekend. and only one of them fell into the "bad" category.

Iron Man 2 w/ Wolvie [who was sad and without power at home.]
- the movie was enjoyable, but since i don't remember a thing about the previous one, I'm not really comparing.

6:30 am, depart for Ft. Fun
8am graduation at Moby
11am Lunch at Chili's
1pm Graduation party [different friend]
3pm head for home
4pm nap
4:30 head for babysitting and birthday dinner
5:02 toes licked by dog
6pm consume cake that resembled a bleeding cat head
7pm Movie time.
- we watched Sherlock "low budget,not to be confused w/ the blockbuster hit" Holmes. that featured a dinosaur and a dragon. this fine piec of film making was brought to us by the same people who did Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus."
11pm. bed.

plant shopping
running errands
more gardening

weekend complete.

Monday, May 10, 2010

more bad movies

We are officially on a bad movie kick. Not all are bad, but a good number of them are.
recently we have watched: American Pie- Band Camp, When Harry Met Sally, Oceans 12, Cool Runnings and Scream.
coming from NetFlix this week we have Twilight: New Moon. I hear its terrible.

Friday, May 07, 2010


i love comics, always have.

have tried to draw a few. never get very far, its not that i give up, but that i find it really hard to sit down and draw at the end of the day. being in an art based field, where my creativity has to be "on" at all times, it is hard to come home and do some more. drawing a comic is completely different than what i do at work, but i have it lumped into that creative category, along with the craft projects i no longer do.

came across this little rambling today, and thought i would share it with you. you being all the people who ever wanted to self publish your comic.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Tim has been blogging about expectations, along the lines of characters and movies. But, i feel that he has only touched the iceberg that is expectations.
Expectations of school, relationships, jobs, vacations etc. wildly influence how we handle situations when they arise.
At some point i started making an effort to not have expectations of vacations, because i found that i was then pleasantly surprised by the outcome, because i had not been building up in my mind how it was going to be.
I have not followed this with anything else in life. which to an extent is good, it helps you create and move towards goals, and hopefully move away from things when they no longer work.
What we never talk about is how to grieve with the loss of an expectation.
sometimes it's as simple as not getting the grade you wanted and sometimes it's more serious life decisions that goes against the wishes of one spouse or the other.

How do we deal with this? How do we make the decision of what is right for us and how do we move on?

Sunday, May 02, 2010

movie friday

Forgetting Sarah Marshall:
was fun and really quite funny. i didn't hear much about this film when i came out, but we finally got around to getting it it and I'm glad we did.

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year:
a Bollywood production that was neither 3 hrs long, or musical. Netflix called it a "romantic comedy" and while the one guy got the girl it was such a minor sub plot that i forgot they were even dating. i wouldn't call it a comedy either. but it was a good movie, about a guy out of college trying to enter the career of salesman and what he learns. I would categorize it under indie flicks.