Thursday, November 20, 2008

get me the fuck out of here, or give me somethign to do.

man, nothing riles me up like being left out.

its not that i expect to know everything- but i feel that myself and others should get some credit where its due.

also, don't tell me that your swamped with work- but don't want any help, only to complain later that your swamped and that no one is offering to help, when clearly they aren't doing anything.

and don't act like I'm "growing" and that my presence is "valued" when you don't intend to show me that in anyway. don't make false promises to me. don't tell me I'm "moving up" and then take away all responsibility.

i am on my knees, begging for projects, involvement, learning and responsibility. i get a smile and a pat on the back in return.

i wonder if i'll make it through the holidays before they let me go. nothing builds resentment and dis trust like ignoring someone.
if they're doing something wrong, sit them down, and set it strait. if they're doing a good job, then reward them.

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