Monday, April 26, 2010

weekend report

we decided to give our latest technological advancement a more through testing. For his birthday, Tim received a package surround sound/receiver/blue ray player. Being that friday was gloriously gloomy, it twas the perfect night for movies. the receiver also has an internet connection, so we can stream movies direct from blockbuster or netflix.
What we learned:
netflix is cheaper.
Not all movies can be downloaded.
movies downloaded do not currently have captioning available- but they are working on that.
the reason for our nice TV set up is because going to the movies is no longer enjoyable. i love to go, but the experience is always bad- for both of us. so now we get movies from the library, and it looks like the $9.99 netflix will be added to our entertainment budget.

Most of our day was spent with Katie. after a very long while spent in the Target photo album section, we had not quite free Chipotle, took a nap and did puzzles.
then we headed to a birthday party that was quite wonderfully designed around games and a taco bar. [boccie, apples to apples, hink pink and blockus [sp?]]

Despite quite a few drinks on saturday night, i felt remarkably well. cleaned house [damn shedding cats], went to Lowes, Tim re-arranged and wired up the surround sound, so that the cats will be less likely to eat the wires, i went to a roller derby scrimmage, got the record player up and working [yea!!!!!!!!1111111omgOne].

pretty good weekend, all in all.
this week starts off good with Tim back on his previous work schedule of 7 - 4, which means: more walks, more writing time, easier dinner coordinating and so forth.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

lovely things

i have a lot of bad days. right now I'm going to blame them on not sleeping.

One thing that cheers me up is flirty, cute Spring fashion. And something that cheers me up even more is the affordability of all of these fashions- all are under $30!

[OK, admittedly, this top frock, is not. but not as expensive as i would have guessed.]

Friday, April 16, 2010


tonight is the Peep roasting party.

i showed Tim a picture of BBQ-ed peeps.
Tim told some people about the idea.
people started hounding us to host a peep party.

tonight. 7pm. our place.
12 boxes of peeps
20 people
and 4 Christmas trees to burn.

hope the cops don't come.

Monday, April 12, 2010

500 days of summer

We finally saw 500 Days of Summer, this weekend. it was good, and fun and different. i love Zooey Deschanel and am glad to see Joesph Gorden-Levitt in something new.

started watching season 2 of Flight of the Concords. it's extra trippy.

we are looking at a 3 sitting, viewing of Milo and Otis. neither one of us remembered the graphic kitten/puppy berthing scenes.

Open Doors Denver is next weekend and looks fantastic. i hope to make it to a couple tours.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


I've started thinking about the upcoming camping season.

Places I'd like to go:

The Spot outside of Eagle that we tried to go to last summer.
it had Caves and hiking and a lake [i think.]
tip: don't try to camp anywhere where the rodeo is in town.
tip: take a map, even if you know where you are going. if you stop knowing where you are going, buy a map.

The place we actually DID camp last summer. between Gateway and Grand Junction.
Absolutely stunning. 4 wheel drive is needed to get in and out of the canyon.

somewhere in New Mexico.
Elephant Rock sounds nice.
basically i absolutely adore norther New Mexico and never pass up a chance to see Taos. and we haven't been in a couple years.

where do you want to go? and who wants to go with us?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

lets see... what can we change?

one of the main things i do for work is absorb criticism.
a lot of it, is trying to create ideas from thin air that 6 people agree on, and the 40 more people will c0ment on- usually not know what we went through to get the line that we did.

i try to listen to what is said, and make changes accordingly, with out taking it personally. its not that they dont like me, and it doesnt matter if i love that print or T-shirt, what matters is if the design will sell, and sell to people with a more conservative design appreciation.

it's a hard spot to be in, to try to connect with your work, but also not care what happens to it and if people don't like it.

it's also hard to have people tell you your not doing things how they would like- then they list off what you ARE doing, and its exactly what you thought you were supposed to be doing- but apparently no one told you they wanted different, so it was wrong.
and no. i cant just "make it like Target." i agree that target has cute fun things for a good price. in fact Target has cute fun things for a price that is less than i can get it done at cost, not to mention whole sale and retail.

so yes. the clothing industry is stressful.