Wednesday, May 28, 2008

movie reviews

we don't watch a lot of movies, but this weekend we rented several.

I watched Marie Antoinette.
it was fun. I throughly enjoyed the costuming and scenery. there was not a lot of dialog or explanation- as Sophia Coppola movies tend to go. I don't actually know the history behind it- though i should, so i was happy to take it as was, and not question things. though i would like to point out that- as i enjoy historical based movies, i generally do not know the actual history behind them. I like to take them as being more or less correct, but never take them for truth over factual reference.
this movie is a fun eye candy piece. stars - that one girl from spider man

Miss Potter

I very much enjoyed this movie. it falls very much in the category of "chick flick." i am surprised "life time" or "oxygen" isn't showing this on constant repeat.
Having grown up loving the tales of Beatrix Potter, i was an easy shoe in for this movie. it is basically the story of who she was and how she got her first books published. there is, of course, a love interest. stars- Renee Zellweger, Ewen McGregger

Tim and i watched:

Charlie Wilson's War

Movie takes place in the 1980s. We were far to young to remember anything political that was going on at that time. We enjoyed it. it wasn't quite all what i though it was going to be. Seemed like it showed a lot of the political stuff, but not a lot of what was actually achieved.
we enjoyed it. stars- Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Phillip Hoffman and Amy Adams.

The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford

it was good- like we had heard. it was not what we were expecting though. the movie reminded me very much of the Lincoln book i read recently. [about what happened in the days following the assassination- and what happened to john wilks booth.] this move is long. there were a number of places it could have ended and did not. interesting but a bit long winded.

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