Friday, May 30, 2008

bleh in the am

nothing like cleaning up fresh cat vomit in the am.

for once it wasn't falkor. it was ozzy. perfectly timed for Tim running out the door to catch a bus.

it was nice out yesterday, and the perfect weather for kite flying. Tim and I went down to REI [hoping to actually find shoes they show on their website- i don't not] then on to River Side Park for some running around and kite flying. we have a $6 kite from target. it has been a while since i last bought a cheap kite- this was FAR nice than i had ever had as a kid. it is made of rip stop material and not plastic- after our one kite flying session i honestly believe it will be good for several more. we wandered down the river, then back and around and down 16th st. we haven't done that in a while. it was great fun.

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