Monday, March 29, 2010

crazy weekend

Went kind of like this: bought movies at a closing Blockbuster, dinner- only 1 glass of wine, did some house work, bought a fancy new hair dryer, got stuff to fix the chair, helped with a move, watched Katie, got new phones, went to an Absinthe party, cleaned, went to a movie watching party, got lost leaving Evergreen and then it was Monday.

Pretty excited about the new phones. i didnt get the one i have been lusting after, but I got one that i like, making a compromise of plan price. I think it will be fine. the new phones, in general, do so much more than my phone from 5 years ago. [that until last weekend worked perfect, but then the camera function stopped working.] Tim got a military grade phone that does cool science nerd stuff like, telling you the moon phase and what the temperature is right where you are standing. it's supposed to be indestructible- at least as far as phones go. So now we are on a Family Plan, together and i we can text more and i can access e-mail. WOOO.

The Absinthe party was fun, though i was a bit exhausted after the 3 hr phone buying ordeal. We went to a friends house- the same friend who turned us on to Absinthe originally- for a tasting and general merryment. Turnes out we brought the only bottle containing Wormwood, and quite a large dent was put in it.

Due to the Blockebuster near us closing, we are now the proud owners of Ninja Turtles II & III, Flight of the Concords Season 2, Milo and Otis and Notting Hill.

Yesterday we watched: Soylent Green, Akima [? or something like that] and Children of Men.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

tales from the gym 2

at my rec center, the gym has windows looking out over the lake. i watch people heading to and from the dog park [just out of view]. going in the dogs are practically rearing up at the end of their leashes, because the excitement is so high and on the way back the dogs are lagging along behind their owners, tongs hanging out, probably thinking about tomorrows trip to the park.

Friday, March 19, 2010

solar power?

so I've been thinking about it, and i want to know if anyone is working on Solar panel shingles. the large block solar panels are unsightly, especially on older homes. Also the technology for Solar Parking lots is already being used.
seems like there could be the base strips put down- like the black paper... w/ evenly spaced hooks, then the shingles would lock onto the hooks, and be equipped to draw solar energy.

so i asked Google.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i keep checking my blog to see if i posted something new. its a bit funny, but i always do it.

so there. now i have. i will continue to check back to see if i have anything new to say.

Monday, March 08, 2010


i have had a fascination with Banjos for a long time, the same way i was fascinated by scooters. i know nothing other than i loved them, and wanted to ride/ play one.
i have the scooter. not having a lot of spending money, i haven't gotten into the much more expensive scooter culture, but i love mine just the same.
i bought a scooter on a lark. okay, i at least paused to take the Motorcycle Safety Course, and I'm glad i did.

My other larks?
play the Banjo
Own Bees
have a comic.

owning bees... we haven't really looked into fully. i know some one who has them, they are now legal in the city of Denver, and we need to take a trip by the bee keeping supply store, that is not too far from us.

Have a comic... well... started, but got distracted and basically lazy. need to get drawing again, and try to stick to a schedule. i hope to go live, sometime, ever.

Playing the banjo... i just got wildly excited [as i do] by an add for a relatively cheep starter kit. did a quick google search, turned up some really good useful information. i wont order this kit this afternoon, but maybe i will stop by one of the places i know does string instrument lessons and talk to some one sometime. my main concerns are that [due to complete lack of practice] i have rather crappy time keeping ability's, i don't hear keys well, and have zero instrument experience after recorders in 6th grade.

i have gotten into a TV slump. really, i get sucked into shows and like them, and want to know whats going on in the story line. i have often found it best to just not start watching things in the Fall. I'm trying to eliminate shows- i might not completely until summer.

i desperately want a fancy phone that does things other than be a phone. because we all know that that is boring.
but there's that little voice in my head informing me that money spent on bees and banjo lessens is money far better spent.

some good info on banjos: get started buy and learn

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

the shoes pt.2

got the shoes in yesterday. wore them to the gym. running was great. i felt better on the treadmill than i have in quite awhile.
will have to see how i like them long term.
wearing them in general, i feel the fabric between my toes and its a bit weird. but at the gym, they were great, i wasn't thinking about them at all.