Thursday, January 31, 2008

ideal BF?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

o, hi

Friday, January 18, 2008

i SO want a squid hat

Thursday, January 10, 2008

greetings from xmas and from our new years trip to NYC.

movie for you

Thursday, January 03, 2008

to the east and back.

if you are ever on a plain and they tell you to "turn off electronics, we're just going to de-ice and be on our way..." don't. leave them on, and call who ever you are meeting on the other end and tell them your flight will be an hour late- and thats only if you get immediately de-iced and don't have to wait in line.

milk shakes at 3 am, delivered to your door are delicious.

New York was good. I started this post a week ago and now cannot remember a single witty thing i was going to say.

Tim's sister and our brother-in law [ok, they're not actually married yet- but its easier this way,] live in Brooklyn in the Park Sloap neighborhood. you can see the statue of liberty from out front their apartment building.

really, this was a fantastic vacation. we slept late and stayed up late every day. the weather was cool and moist but only really cold, one day.

friday: we had bagels from Meg's favorite and every morning bagel place. braved the subway s up to central park. saw the castle, went to the MET. which was CRAZY. did not see or enjoy much or the Rembrandt/vermier show, but throughly enjoyed the tapestry exhibit and parts of the costume collection. enjoyed a pretzel from a street vender and met up with Mathews mom and sister at a place on the Wes Side called Arties Deli- where we had 3 inch thick pastrami sandwiches.

we were also wrangle into doing a 1,000 piece butterfly puzzle. all we will say here, is that it was finished and it will never be seen again.

Saturday: brunch at a great place that had the most innovative food combinations i have seen in a long time. we were joined by Mathews dad and step mom and sister Ann.

then we took a small tour of Brooklyn and went to Queens to help set up for a New Years Eve party that was Super Science themed. this was chaos, but we got to see a real honest to god old NY warehouse loft.

Sunday: slept in. completely missed church, even though we said we'd go. sorry about that.
Tim ran an RPG for Mathew and some of his buddies. Meg and I went out to see the sights of Brooklyn and NYC. had real live NYC pizza. which, speaking as a non new yorker, is just like all versions of NY style pizza i have ever had. anywhere.

Meg and i do a little boutique window shopping and then went to the Chocolate shop. it is a small restaurants that serves high quality chocolate, ice cream coffees, wines and liqueurs. VERY VERY YUMMY.
then we went into the city to see the lights. Columbus Circle had an indoor display of giant color changing stars, that were timed to music. Times Square was crazy. Rockefeller Center- we could barely see the skating rink. it was crazy. It was also raining. we saw the "green" windows at Bergdoorf's. which were cool and the kaleidoscope light display at Grand Central.

Monday: Had lunch at a yummy lunch at a Turkish place[?]. Then Tim and i braved the subways on our own- which, was an adventure in and of it's self.
we attempted to take the Satin Island ferry [free] so we could see the statue of liberty at sunset. but it was chock full of other people with the same idea. so we hung out in the park and enjoyed the sunset with far fewer people.
we walked up and took the Brooklyn Bridge uhh... Brooklyn, and had continuing adventures of getting home.
had great fun going to the party we helped set up. we got there early, had our free drinks, smoked from a huka and left before the cops came.
we enjoyed the view of the entire city from the roof top of M+M's apartment as well as all the fireworks.

Tuesday: we go in search of the 7th street fan plant in Williamsburg. it is no longer piles of ruble on the beach, but a park, with a nice view of the city line. we find a wonderful [and cheep] Turkish[?] place for lunch, then on to the UNISPHERE!!! YEA!!.
Unisphere is a leftover of tye 1964 World's Fair. as is the Queens art museum [which is on our list for the next time we are there], and ice skating rink, fountains and pavilion.
then a flight home. no delays, and limited screaming baby's.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


well, were back.

trip stories and photos later.