Monday, June 09, 2008


I went with my brother-in-law to get his tattoo this weekend. this was fun as i have never been to a tattoo parlor. he was getting a tattoo that he had designed and i have helped him finalize the art on. the design has significant meaning to him and was a birthday present.
i was impressed by the shop. it was large, nice, clean, everyone was friendly and no one was pushy.
I have wanted to tattoo since i was about 8. they have gone in and out of style over the years, along with location popularity. i have a couple different things i would like to get. One is a technical illustration of a lotus- but I've always been afraid that it would end up blurring.
i want a stylized koi, made to look like painted ink on my hip.
i want a large colored peonies with sparrows on my back.

i think tim would look hot with sleeves. :)


i got an oil change and fluid change and general inspection on my scoot this weekend. the price has about doubled in the last 2 years since i purchased it. Tim has pointed out that this is really not a bad maintenance fee to pay. though I'm pissed that it costs me almost $10 to fill up now. when i bought it i was buying a full tank of premium with pocket change- literally.
i have said this before and i will say it again. i continue to want to be more involved with Denver scooter culture. but not knowing anyone it it makes it terribly intimidating. every time i go to one of the local scoot shops i leave pissed off. service is slow and often crappy. at one point when i first got into it and was buying a jacket among other things, i was at a shop for 2 hrs, trying on everything in the store, trying to get the right fit, etc. no one talked to me. no one ever said hi. when i finally found an employee [they were hanging out gossiping] and asked for help, they couldn't tell me anything and offered no service. i complained at some point on a scooter forum, that i was a noob. and just trying to get info and help, and was super disappointed in the local shops. later some one posted that i was wrong to hate on the locals, and that in fact one of them was a woman owned shop and she would be horrified to hear that service was crappy. HERE ME NOW: if you have women saying "i am getting no and bias service because i am a woman- because it was completely different when i was in these shops with my father- then you need to take a look at how you are conducting business. don't alienate new buyers and riders and women."
if anyone knows of a local shop that handles vespas, that is not erico or sportique, please let me know.


The below link is to a series of lectures being hosted by Belmar Lab.

we missed the first one, but hope to make it to several this summer.

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