Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well, we're off!


We are going to NYC for new years. we will go to the vermier/rembrant show at the MET, and see NYC all dressed up for the holidays. we will go to a Super Science themed party- we will have aviator goggles to wear to said party. and we will enjoy seeing the back side of NYC and Brooklyn with Meg and Matt.

that part is less theory, than the part about our flight actually leaving Denver tonight.

fingers crossed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

since Tim hasent said anything....

He got a new job!

his blog leaves you thinking that he is un-employed, when really he is to report to work on the 2nd.

it will be 1/3 the commute and almost time and a half the pay. yea!

all we need now, is to figure out the name of the place and where it is. :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

riding the bus with tim and other adventures.

its well known by now, that i don't ride the buss that often, but i do ride it with tim occasionally.

we got on at what Tim calls, "one of the creepiest bus stops in all of Denver." I think this is most likely because there are always people loitering there, waiting for one of the 6 buses that goes by there, all times of the day. that corner- though near allot of other more fixed up blocks- is particularly sad, with a gated up, abandoned looking building, trash, grime and construction across the street.
there was the man in a long blue polyester/nylon jacket, wearing a crappy see through, woven cowboy hat and missing- from what i could see- most of his teeth. he reminded me of "midnight cowboy," and of what i can only assume would have happened to that guy in real life.
he was with a woman who was slightly less creepy. i could only guess where they had been and where they were going.
they helped a new rider find the correct bus stop.

there were the teen aged black kids, riding home from a day of picking out Christmas presents on 16th street mall. they shared an ipod.

the other black kid- and the only other person who appeared to be dressed as warmly as tim and I, wearing a black long haired rabbit coat with hood.
he chatted briefly with the 2 Hispanic guys who went out grocery shopping in flannel shirts and a cam corder. they looked cold.

there were no less than 5 guys dressed in work cloths that suggested that they were doing construction of some sort.

they all exited at various stops. and i found myself wanting to everything about them.


in further news I attended White Christmas last Saturday. it was alright. couldn't hear allot of it, and there were some serious costume/time period issues.

walking back to our car we were behind a couple kids about my age. they were wearing black.
my mom and mother inlaw signaled for me to slowdown, "to put more space between us."
now, i'm a rather jumpy person. i'm more cautious than most people i know. and allot of things make me nervous. these boys did not bother me at all. in fact they were about the least creepy, non-family, i may have ever seen down town. mild punkers, in black. prolly gamers a bit too. harmless. [also it was 5pm.]
how sad. these boys were NOTHING compared to the bands of hooligans that roam 16th in droves. some of them are also harmless. i bet most would fight or at least seriously hassle you if you gave them any crap. these are the kids that saw Tim carrying a sward and preceded to surround him and follow him, asking stupid middle school esk questions like "do you have a girrrrl friend?" and so forth- went as far as to try to take his sward [in box], and follow him down the street for a ways.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

these should really be seperate posts.

I watched a 4th grader dash across a slippery Federal Blvd. this morning.- half a block from a light. between a bunch of cars.

I've been meaning to blog for a while now. allot of things. They've been dancing around in my head and i have been unable to put them together coherently into words.

I think most of it has been about Christmas, the season and everything around it.

no, I don't like that the Halloween display had been shoved aside a week before Halloween to make room for Christmas.
No, I don't like that Thanksgiving is pushed to the wayside. or that the Thanksgiving weekend is more about sports and super sales than about spending time with family and friends, playing outside and generally enjoying the first rush of the holiday season.
Yes i think people are loco for fighting for and spending frightening amounts of $ on the "IT" toy of the season.
You've it heard it all for years now. the commercialism is out of control. every one is cynical. its a scam. its a budget buster, that leaves people feeling ill long after most of the toys are forgotten, its not about Christ. [as far as I'm concerned thats what easter is for.]

I love the holidays.
i love Santa clause.
i love lights.
i love candles.
i love cookies and baking.
i love dinner party's and weekend adventures with friends.
i love shoveling snow.
i love shopping for gifts for people, and trying to find something just right. [some years it goes better than others.]
i love night time walks and being all bundled up.
i love the nostalgia and the memorabilia.
i love sitting by the fire.
i love seeing everything decorated up. be it beautiful, expansive [and expensive] decorating down town or in nice restaronts, or cheese-y paper cut outs taped to walls and tensile.
i love sending and getting holiday cards.
i LOVE LOVE LOVE having a Christmas tree. everything that it entails- form picking it out at the lot, to the disasters of trying to get it set up, to decorating, enjoying and appreciating what the season was when you take it down after new years.
I love old tv Christmas specials- which are never the same if you just watch it on video.
fuck, i even love coke commercials.

people have reasons for not liking the holidays, that are different for the usual reasons. the Christmas of my sr. yr of high school, a friend died, a kid in my French class had an angerism, a teachers husband was killed by a drunk driver. when i was in 6th grade my grandpa passed away early morning Christmas eve.

its sad. its horrible. and whose happens to family's every yr.

don't shun the holidays because they are hard. embrace them.

as i sit and watch my Christmas tree glow, i like to take some time to think about those that i miss and those that matter in my life.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


funny pictures
moar funny pictures">

this things are really more relavent if you have frequent conversations with tim and i

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ah... lovecraft.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures">

Monday, December 03, 2007

denvers drunkest

who knew.