Thursday, December 11, 2008


recently, i have been seeing new Coke billboards in my neighborhood. i think they are great, and i hope some one other than me is paying attention. I cant tell if they are new, and look like they are from the 80s, or if they are actually from the 80s and being re-run.
i have only seen them in Spanish. [this is common in my neighborhood.]
but they have parents and children doing things together...and, of course, enjoying a coke. these family's are all well dressed. one has father and sons working on a car.. the other has a mother and daughter doing..something, i don't remember what.

on an unrelated note... or maybe not so much really...

we were discussing Festivius at work the other day. i have celebrated and know some of the traditions of Festivius... but i TOTALLY didnt realize that it was started by Seinfield. for shame.

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