Wednesday, February 04, 2009

wow!? wheres all the snow!?

our thread vendor was here this morning. I don't know where hes from- at all.

its 65 F here today.

the first thing he said was "wow, i expected it to be cold and snowy. it nice you folks have a little break from all that snow you get."

I have relatives from Nebraska who don't come out because it might snow. you know, because the winters are so bad here. especially to ... nebraska.... yeah we totally have ice storms covered in snow and high winds beat.

beat with beautiful weather, that is. seriously. we have some cold days, the occasional snow storm. but really- its dry and comparably, very warm. and SUNNY. have i mentioned that its sunny like 360 days a year? oh, oh and its not icy.... and our sunsets- and sun rises for that matter, totally kick ass. not to mention all the other magic's of living in colorado- and more denver.Denver snow storm of 07- or 06- i dont rememberalso taken, colorado January.

I realises that the people reading this blog know this. but i had to get it off my chest.

Also. the flip flops i'm wearing? MY FEET ARE NOT COLD.


Anthogna said...

I had to call a patient yesterday who is traveling in Florida. She was "getting away" for a week and wasn't at all happy about it when I called. It was 50 where she was supposed to be lying on the beach and 60 here in frigid Colorado.

erinrae said...
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