Monday, February 23, 2009

hot wing casserole

yes. you heard right. HOT WING CASSEROLE.

We were making out weekly menu as we do..weekly. and Tim asked me the sme silly question he asks every week. "What do you want to eat?"

hot wings and tater tots... hot wing cassarol.

by now you would think he would kn0w enough to ask what we should eat this week.

so we googled it. there are several varieations. ours is this:

big ol' pan.
tatertots. bottom layerthen add cut up carrots and celery.
add a nice layer of Ranch dressing.

add chicken

add hot sauce. .. and olives. tim wanted cheese as well. now i love cheese as much as the next person, and it sounds delicious- but i had to say no. i know olives dont go with traditional hot wings. but we like to jum at the oppertunity to put olives in just obut anything we can.

then i put foil on it. in the oven at 425. for 20 min. remove foil, cook another 10 min. note that things are bubbling.

hope its good.

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