Tuesday, February 17, 2009

off the band wagon.

last week i got in 1 post. and this week is not off to a good start either.

Had a great Valentins, as usual. eggs, potatos, breakfast sauage, salsa. mmm...

Sratbucks was $1 drinks- and i had a gift card.

we went to donate blood- but my count was too low. i will have to go back later. they wondered about Tim because his temp was 66.3 and me because mine is 99.3

Tim told me he had a surprise for me, but i had to pick it out.
Really, nothing says "i love you" like my very own cleaver.

we watched Dr. who. had been putting off the last 2 episodes of what ever season we were watching due to Daliks. i fucking hate Daliks.


had a good roast dinner, etc.

went to an art opening.

it was a good day.

this may not sound exceptionally exciting or romantic to anyone else out there, but it was a good day. it was a lazy day. its just what we needed.

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