Friday, February 27, 2009

the bus

i was excited last nigh-t as i waited for the bus at Metro. the sun was set, but i could still see the outline of mountains and clouds. do you know what this means? this means that i may soon be walking home in light. i have never enjoyed being out by myself at night. i don't care if it is only 6:30. when its dark its dark.

i don't like the bus because its slow.

i do like the bus because its great people watching.

last night, girl and her mother got on across from me. i say girl, but she was prolly in high school, and i didn't conclude that it was a girl until about half way through my ride. the mother was 50ish. overweight. stringy gray hair that had been dyed hot pink, but was very faded. both had their tungs pierced. both looked like men.

the other day there was a guy sitting by the front. he looked like Bob Ross- only his fro was bleached. he was still wearing the same cloths from the 70s too. no, not 70s styled. litteraly, this guy has been wearing these cloths since the 70s. i finally figured out that he was keeping tally of how many people got on and off and which stops.

there was also a you black guy. prolly early 20s. he had his itouch, $200 jeans, $100 jacket, $150 Nike's. he was dressed well. looked nice and respectable. had a bag. but was very visibly carrying a mac air book. why? this would have fit in his bag. and would have slightly decreased that chances of him getting jumped for everything he had on him.

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