Thursday, February 26, 2009

woe is me

We all do things that annoy others. Sometimes its giving un-solicited advice, a personality trait or an un-intentionally wrong comment.

most often I catch my self as I saw the wrong thing- and try to apologize for it coming out wrong. I have a co-worker that routinely says nasty things and trys to pass them off as "sarcasm." i have another co-worker who holds grudges for at least a yr. some times you know why- sometimes you don't. There are a few others that are office favorites for their sparkling personality and amazing work. [some of which others of us are asked to correct on the side so that no one knows.] they don't like some one new- so now i can no longer eat lunch with them.
another girl, i think of as a friend, is also friends with a girl from another department, who appears to tolerate me.
we talk about being annoyed about constantly being snubbed for lunch outings and so forth, yet then she snubs me too.

this is only the social side of office politics.

most people reading by now, know that i really don't care for my company or a number of the people i work with. Despite that, i try to be friendly and good tempered with everyone. i hate playing games.

for the most part i like most of these people. I very much miss going to lunch once a week or two with the group. i don't expect to be best friends with anyone- its obvious we are in some very different social circles, but I am trying to have a good working relationship and some work buddies.

I have in the last number of months backed off of a number of people. which is to say, that i don't make an effort to start regular conversations with them. coincidentally, most of them pretty much never talk to me.

i was in better standing with several people until 2 girls were hired last spring. then i was grouped over with them. i thought it would blow over in 5 or 6 months. but it hasn't. things seem to continue to diminish.

I am disappointed in my self for caring so much about politics and being liked. i am also disappointed in people i thought i was on good terms with, for being so cliquish.

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