Friday, February 06, 2009

First Friday

To night is First Friday.
Art districts all over town- in many towns- are having late hours, crackers, sweaty cheese and possible booze. You can go, eat, view mostly terrible art- and some really great art- all for free.

for other things to do tonight, or for more info on the below locations, check out

Tennyson St. from 38th to 45th Ave.
I will be there, and one of our roller girls has some photography on display at Studio 52. Grab some food while your out at Parisi or Tacos Jalisco. if you want more options head over to 32nd & Lowell- there are many food options.

Not too far from there is Pirate Art Oasis and a hand full of other oddities at 37th & Navajo. Try Patsys, or Pasquinis.

I like William Havu at 1040 Cherokee St. denver. there is another gallery right there as well- though the name escapes me. Havu always puts on an amazing show of very professional, very expensive art. Walk over to Pints Pub, or Denver Dinner for some grub.

if you want quantity, but not necessarily quality, you can head over to old Santa Fe Dr. between 6th and 10th. there are TONS of gallery's along here. We recommend eating at Arada.

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