Wednesday, February 18, 2009

fun fun family fun time

Monday we took the days off, planning to run around with the family- as T's uncle and cousin are in town for the week.

Uncle T got sick, so we took the kids [and m + d and katie] - Alex, Mr. k and the Bean to red rocks and Casa Bonita.

Alex took LOTS of pictures. hopefully i will see some of them some time. they had fun running around, up and down the stairs, until everyone complained of being hungry.
Originally we were headed to Casa Bonita because Uncle T had never been , and frankly it was his only chance to go with us. i don't care if he was sick in bed with a fever.

i think we spent somewhere between 2 hr and an an eternity there. kids had fun. i was surprised at how crowded it was for a monday afternoon.

it now appears that Alex is sick- and tim and i wernt feeling great this morning either. feel like i'm about to be sick, hopefully it will just go away and not manifest i like to spend my weekends not sick.

i feel this blog entry would be more interesting if i had the pictures to accompany it.

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Tod said...

Here are the pictures. Sorry I got the flu: