Wednesday, February 28, 2007

a long day.

a long day has many parts. some days seem like it just one thign. you go to work.. you come how and eat dinner and go to bed.. well, more or less. then there are those days where you feel like there are sections. when one ends, somethign entirly diffent begins.

today is one of the long days.

it started out good, i slept but wolk up excited, thinking the work day would go fast and etc.

then i had a review... and for the most part its was fine. but there were a few things. sigh.. maily things that i can argue my side on, adn my boss would never fully understand, and i could never change her opinion, because alot of it comes down to wording and interpration of wording. and someone who, no matter how close youve done something to what theve asked, it will never be good enough. ever. and who really dosnt want to know why it takes you a good 30 min to burn a CD, just because they dont think it should. and could but dont do it them selves.
also annoyed me thats eh brough up things that eaither i never knew aobut or that were form 6 months ago, and have not been a problem since.

it is hard to feel like you are on a level playing filed when you are 20 + years yonger than most of your coleagues. and i just dont have the expierance to have everything down as pat as they do. no mater how many questions i ask, there will always be a communication problem. when i sit in a meeting i just dont follow whats being decided or discused very well.
its ahrd to get ahead when you cant ever do anything right.

so. now. my good mood has dwindled down to wanting to bolt. and not caring what i get done befor i leave the office. hopefully i will be able to regain my good mood later tonight.

and that last part of my day? about the time i usually get in bed i will be boarding a plane for LA. i leave LA at 12:30 at night. thankgod i can sleep any time any place.

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