Thursday, March 15, 2007

china part 1

ok.. so... still not intrested in blogging... but here we go:

day 1, tim and i in the peoples park. everything in china is blooming.

day 1 still . having our first tea at a tea house.. which rally wasnt a house, it was an outside seating area... no building included, we dont actually know where they got the hot water.

day 2. pagoda at Du Fu's cottage...

du fu's cottage.. we never actually saw, but the park was nice.. they were handing out shots.. which of course convinced us we needed to but liquer from the hot little asian girl. go go team marketing.

day 2. me w/ flowering quence... garden along the rive walk ways.

I am not particularly in the mood to blog aobut china. maybe because we talked oaubt it so much. so i will waite for tim to tell all the funny stories and if i think he has missed something i shall post it... allso having photo saving problems on my comp. so we'll see how many more photos you get.

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