Thursday, February 01, 2007

apparently were concerned aobut global warming.

it snows...again... and the cranes rise to the sky.

looking at the gibson website at work today i got distracted form what i was doing ther for a bit... which was loking for a guitar to trace for a print. how ever i started looking at.. my favorite.. the banjos. o sweet beautiful banjos.
i discovered that the gibson web site links to an area where you can "lean" guitar, banjo, mandolin etc. it has a very slow vidio feed of the hand movements. you can choose music style and teacher as well.
listed w/ the banjos were dobros. what are dobros? i dont really know, they have a wood body, w/ a metal pick guird/sound hole.
beautiful instruments. but what are they? how are they differnt than a steal guitar [is that the right name?] And by george what do they sound like? ]prolly i can find this out eaisly enough, w/ my magic cable internt, but at the time of this post i have not].

i have loved banjos as long as vespas. i have a vespa [that i so desperatly want to ride as soon as this damn weather goes away.] i have a habbit of getting too much on my plate at a time. i want to do it all. and i want to do it all right now. so.. these are the questions: will i really do it? or will it be half assed and fall by the wayside? how to you slect a decent used banjo? should you learn to play guitar first? or just jump right into banjo- snce it is 5 strings and guitar is 6?

and, this is.. only one more thing for me to spend $$ on. i have alist. a long list. some how the smaller thigns keeping taking precidence over the larger ones. im decent at being a tight wad. but im also good at randomly deciding i need things and spending $$. a duel income would certinly help, even if it was just rent and groceries. it would help.
maybe its just that iknow untill i get apay raise that i cant afford a house on my own. so that dream seems farther off than i want it to be. but let not open up that wound.

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