Tuesday, February 06, 2007

new post

i have been absent from posting for a few days... not for lack of things to talka obut but rather not talking about them.

i am not talking oaubt friend drama
i am not tlaking oaubt work.
we are not discussing my lack of typing ability.

so what can i tlak aobut?

well.. lets see....

i have been roller skating on the weekends. i am getting better, my balence felt better this last week when i got on the rink, and my shins and anckles dont hurt as much eaither.
we rented ...that...movie......uh..... the illusionest... it was alright. and something else, i dont kwo if it was kung fu or ninjas.. i slept thorugh the first hr, and then went to bed- i promply had a kitten try to attack my face.... he was removed form the room, then i slept.
tryed to go to Istanbul Grill... but it was GONE. so sad. had to have thebest noodlesin denver at Oshama Raman.... good stuff.
had planned for a night out sat as it was not supposed to be quite so much along the lines of frost bite, but in the end went to the grocery store after wendys at, like, 10 pm... it was good stuff.
also sat i ran erronds. like barnes and noble and target.

the weather was finally good today... i went out side and walked at lunch. i needed it.

my attempt at making valentines was.. not what i intended.. had a hard time and never did get the motherboard out of my old box. so, its clasic construction paper doilies and glitter. i need to get those in the post soon. i need to do alot of things soon... like put away my clean laundry.. and so forth. i keep thinknig i will be super productive on the weekend, since when i get home at night i dont even want to think aobut it... i am toast. i look at pretty pictures in magazines or read or watch northern exposier. but then.. my weekends are even fuller than my week.. and i am nt ever home and little gets done. i need to nip that in the bud. i like to be busy, but i ahve been too busy lately. i need to finish w/ all the boxes in my living room.. and deal w/ laundry and all that.

on the plus side tim will be closer.... prolly it will still take him an hr to bus to my place... but at least its not 2.... thoguh it does less happy things to his other comutes. and he will be 15 min form me.... and not 18 miles.. but like... 7
or less
and scooterable . :) if it ever melts. o how i long to ride... i was looking at fulface helmets and ne goggles the other day. i rally should at least get anew helmet.. i have 2 very nice ones that match my scoot, but they are 3/4 and not ful face.. and the differance is jaw reconstructive sergery when you crash.... yeah.. makes it sound like a good idea to me too.
generaly im a decent tight wad, randomly spending money on thigns that dont always make since. but w/ traveling.. and ten ihave a long list of thigns, all $100 or more that i want/ need.. it is making it hard to save as much as i want to. i rally need to buckle down and stick to my budget. other wise i will never get the house.. and thats not worth lousing.

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